Easy DIY Valentine's Day Cards

Send these cute and simple homemade cards to the sweetheart or loved one in your life.

Valentine’s Day doesn’t always get a lot of love in our house. Every year it falls right after my daughter’s and my February birthdays, and by that time we’re partied out. If we do muster up the energy to celebrate, it’s usually a day spent at home together baking up something heart-shaped rather than splurging at expensive restaurants or wrestling the romance crowd.

DIY Valentine's Day Cards

Handmade Valentine's Day Cards

Jill Werderitch 2016

Jill Werderitch 2016

This year we've decided to take the spirit of the holiday as an opportunity to remind our friends and family of how much we love and appreciate them with homemade Valentine’s Day cards. These cards are easy and inexpensive, and you may have all of the materials required to craft them laying around the house from old projects (we did!). They are also a fantastic Valentine’s Day craft to do with your kids and only take a matter of minutes to complete.  

For Your Main Squeeze

DIY Heart Valentine's Day Card

Homemade Heart Valentine's Day Card

Jill Werderitch 2016

Jill Werderitch 2016

Whether it’s for your significant other or your children, this card is great to give to anyone who you hold close to your heart. We decided to give this card as a gift from my daughter to her grandparents, and it proved very simple to make.

First, hand draw and cut out a heart shape from burlap. We used leftover burlap ribbon from an earlier DIY project. Using a red marker, add a dotted line around the heart’s perimeter to mimic the look of stitching. Next, cut a smaller heart from red gingham and glue it inside the burlap. Attach the completed heart to the card with a hot glue gun and finish it off with a hand written Valentine’s message. Having an adult write the message first in pencil and then allowing children to trace over it with marker can eliminate mishaps, but try not too get too hung up on the imperfections in the lettering. The love is in the handmade look!

Printable Valentine's Cards

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For Your Long Distance Valentine

long distance Valentine's Day card

Homemade long distance Valentine's Day card

Jill Werderitch 2016

Jill Werderitch 2016

Letting someone far away know how much you care about them can mean a lot. My sister lives over 2,000 miles away from us in Los Angeles, and this Valentine’s card is a wonderful way to let her and her family know we’re thinking about them and miss them every day.

To make the card, first print two maps – one for the city in which the card's recipient lives and one for the city in which you live. Then cut out two small hearts around each city and glue them to the card. We brushed a little Mod Podge over each heart to ensure that they would stay flat during transport. Secure a half inch strip of pink construction paper across the center of the card and add a sweet Valentine’s Day message within it. Complete the card with a dotted line connecting the cities in each heart.

For Your Funny Valentine

Funny Pizza Valentine's Day Card

Pizza Valentine's Day card

Jill Werderitch 2016

Jill Werderitch 2016

Is there anything in life better than pizza? Send this pre-made card to let close friends with a sense of humor know they’re in the running for your heart on Valentine’s Day.  

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