13 Fun Rainy Day Projects for Kids

Cure indoor boredom with these clever crafts.

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Rainy day got you down? Turn that frown upside down, my friend! I've collected some easy DIY projects to treat those rainy day blues and keep the kids from saying, "I'm bored!"

Colorful Play Dough

Gather basic ingredients from the pantry to make your own play dough with a fruity twist. Include an assortment of colors so your little one can stretch their imagination.

DIY Fruity Playdough

DIY Fruity Playdough

Photo by: Debbie Wolfe

Debbie Wolfe

Budget-Friendly Dollhouse

Transform unused cardboard boxes into a neat dollhouse for your child's favorite toys. Add color to the dollhouse with scrapbook paper or fabric remnants as the wallpaper. To support multiple levels, use thick wooden dowels as the support beams.



©Ikat Bag

Ikat Bag

More Cardboard Box Crafts

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Your tech-savvy kids may not know what it is, but don’t let that stop you — they’ll appreciate the novelty. A rolling pin forms the platen for this old-fashioned typewriter. Let the kids use a label machine to create messages that they can stick to their letters and memos.

©Estefi Machado

Puppet Show Theater

Trim and shape a plain oversized cardboard box into a mini theater, then deck it out with curtains and colorful detailing. Voila: a stage that’s ready for hours of stuffed-animal improv.

©Anisa Raoof

Train Cars

Little ones will be off to the races in these adorable pint-sized cars, complete with paper-plate wheels. They’re perfect on their own, but you could also hook a few together to create a train.

©Not Just a Housewife


How ingenious is this? A small box, a cardboard panel cut in the shape of a guitar face, a cardboard-tube neck and a handful of rubber bands will keep your brood making beautiful music for hours on end. And if a string snaps, a replacement is as close as the kitchen junk drawer.

©Ikat Bag


Cover an oversized box with colorful paper or fabric, add cute touches such as a mail slot, and top it all off with fresh flowers. The result: a mini playhouse that any tot would be proud to call home.

Appliance-Box Barn

Remember how excited you were when your parents bought a new appliance, because you knew you’d get to play with the box? Kids today haven’t changed. Surprise them with a cardboard barn, painted traditional red, that will house them as well as a farmyard’s worth of animals.

©See Venessa Craft


No need to wait for a birthday party — piñatas are a hit for everyday playtime, too. Craft an easy version from cardboard box panels and tissue paper, then invite the neighborhood kids over for an impromptu fiesta.

©Kristin Guy

Doll Bunk Bed

Two shallow cardboard boxes, cut down and embellished with decorative cut-outs, become a snuggly spot for dolls to lay their heads. Wooden craft sticks form a ladder that connects the two.

©Ikat Bag


Cardboard tubes and a box, embellished with bright paper and glitter, create a fanciful castle for knights and damsels.

©Creative Jewish Mom


You could shell out for a cookie-cutter plastic model at the store, or you could let your imagination loose. This fanciful dollhouse, crafted from cardboard and a handful of other miscellaneous materials, would be easy to personalize with your kids’ favorite colors, their names or any other details you like.

©Ikat Bag

Art Gallery

Want a creative way to showcase your child’s collections? Cut cardboard into basic frames, then embellish with ink, paint, stickers or other materials. Affix a plastic figurine or other special trinket on the wall with removable adhesive, then mount the frame around it. Instant artwork!

©Estefi Machado


Up, up and away! Cut out a few holes to seat plush passengers, and this cardboard-tube rocket is ready to explore the universe.

Photo By: unknown ©Hello Bee

Flower Stamps

Try this fun alternative to finger-painting: Snip the ends of cardboard tubes into patterns and flatten them to create a flower-petal effect. Then dip the flattened ends into various paint colors and use them to make sweet, simple stamp art.

Photo By: Picasa ©Jessi Feltmann


Snakes, giraffes, horses: Nearly any critter you can think of can be fashioned from a cardboard tube. These cute creatures are a good way for kids to start their own menagerie.

Space Helmet

A cardboard flowerpot or other container makes a perfect space helmet for kids. Just cover it in aluminum foil, then stick on celestial decorations (either homemade or purchased).

Printable Paper Dolls

Speaking of dolls, these free printable paper dolls would look great all dressed up in their new townhome. Basic crafting supplies, fabric remnants and card stock are all you need to make these little darlings.



©Jessica Downey Photography

Jessica Downey Photography

Glittery Snow Globes

Create these handmade Mason jar snow globes using your child's cherished animal figurines. To make cleanup a breeze, set the table with craft paper underneath to catch the inevitable flakes of glitter.



Photo by: Buff Strickland Photography

Buff Strickland Photography

Ooey Gooey Putty

Ah, nutty putty. It stretches, it bounces and it requires very few ingredients. The kids will love playing with it, and you'll love how affordable it is to make.

Make it: DIY Nutty Putty

Pretty Paper Flowers

Okay, I can't be the only one with an inordinate amount of cupcake liners. Why not repurpose them into these lovely paper flowers? Decoupage a tin can with colorful strips of tissue paper to serve as your vase. Now you have a beautiful bouquet of faux flowers to display in your home.



©Jessica Downey Photography

Jessica Downey Photography

Weatherproof Fort

Yes, you read that right. A weatherproof fort that's made out of cardboard. Seems too good to be true, doesn't it? While we don't recommend setting the fort outside in a rainy downpour, it's still nice to know it can survive a light drizzle.



Upcycled Herb Garden

Grow an herb garden for the kitchen using a recycled fruit crate. Let the kids get their hands dirty, help nurture the herbs and reap the rewards when it comes time to cooking meals with the fresh herbs.



Mod Paper Airplane

Take flight with these DIY airplanes made out of cardstock and straws. They'll keep the kids entertained for hours.



©Jessica Downey Photography

Jessica Downey Photography

Classic Paper Airplanes

Make 5 basic paper airplanes

Paper Airplane DIY

Create fun and simple paper airplanes

Photo by: Sam Henderson

Sam Henderson

Create some timeless paper airplane designs with these steps.



©Jessica Downey Photography

Jessica Downey Photography

Marshmallow Launcher

Build a simple catapult out of craft sticks, rubber bands and a water bottle cap. Make it a competitive game for the kids by printing out the target template.



Photo by: Susan Teare ©Susan Teare Photography

Susan Teare, Susan Teare Photography

Chic Bracelets

Do you have rolls of colorful duct tape and washi tape laying around? Make them into fashionable bracelets. Electrical wire provides a sturdy base for this project.

The kitchen in the Severns home has been opened up and expanded. Where there was a breakfast nook, there is now another set of french doors, creating a third entrance to the home. A wall between the kitchen and living space has come down. A new island was built and there are new light fixtures, appliances, countertops and cabinetry. There is an antique door leading to the laundry room and a large chalk board, as seen on Fixer Upper.

Photo by: Rachel Whyte

Rachel Whyte

DIY Chalk

Let your little artist create a masterpiece with homemade chalk. Make a multitude of colors mixing primary paint colors. No sidewalk or driveway required.

Make it: Homemade Chalk



Memory Board

Rainy days spent sifting through photographs is a day well spent IMO. Collect your kids' favorite photos and memorabilia and display them on this easy-to-make memory board.

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