Easy Essential Oil Disinfecting Spray

Get your home germ free with this simple cleaner.

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Disinfecting cleaner ingredients should not sound like a chemistry lab. Nor should you have to spend a bunch of money on “natural” cleaners. With a few simple ingredients, you can whip up an effective essential oil disinfectant spray that’s safe for all types of surfaces.


DIY Essential Oils Disinfecting Spray

DIY Essential Oils Disinfecting Spray

Skip the harsh chemicals and use natural ingredients to make an all purpose disinfecting spray.

Photo by: Debbie Wolfe

Debbie Wolfe

  • 3/4 cup distilled water
  • 1/4 cup white vinegar
  • 8 ounces spray bottle
  • funnel (optional)
  • 7 drops lavender essential oil
  • 7 drops tea tree essential oil
DIY Disinfecting Spray  Supplies

DIY Disinfecting Spray Supplies

Only a few ingredients are needed to make a power and safe disinfecting spray.

Photo by: Debbie Wolfe

Debbie Wolfe

A note about supplies:

The lavender and tea tree essential oils both have natural disinfecting properties. Tea tree oil is also antiviral and antifungal. It’s often used to treat minor skin scrapes and fungal skin infections. Tea tree oil can be a bit pungent on its own, but the lavender complements the oil’s piney fragrance. 

If you are not a fan of vinegar, you can substitute it with rubbing alcohol or vodka. If you decide to swap out the vinegar, be sure to test a small area on your surfaces. The alcohol or vodka may not be suitable for all surfaces. Honestly, the vinegar is not really noticeable with the essential oils and dissipates quickly. Either way, vinegar and alcohol are also germ killers and will help the surface dry quickly with no streaks. 

Use distilled water for all your DIY cleaning supplies. Distilled water is stripped of contaminants and any natural minerals. This is a good thing! Using distilled water in cleaning applications will not leave any mineral residue on your surfaces. You can get a gallon of it at your grocery store for less than a dollar. 

Step 1

DIY Disinfecting Spray Add Water

DIY Disinfecting Spray Add Water

Add the water and vinegar into the spray bottle.

Photo by: Debbie Wolfe

Debbie Wolfe

Pour the 1/4 cup of white vinegar into your bottle. A funnel makes this part easy with less chance of a spill. 

Step 2

DIY Disinfecting Spray Add Essential Oil

DIY Disinfecting Spray Add Essential Oil

Only a few drops of essential oils are needed to make the cleaning spray effective.

Photo by: Debbie Wolfe

Debbie Wolfe

Add the essential oils. Don’t overdo it! Essential oils are strong and a little goes a long way. Pour in the 3/4 cup of distilled water. Add the top and give it a shake to distribute the oils.

Step 3

DIY Disinfecting Spray Works on Any Surface

DIY Disinfecting Spray Works on Any Surface

This essential oil disinfecting spray is safe to use on any type of surface.

Photo by: Debbie Wolfe

Debbie Wolfe

Clean away! Gently shake the bottle before each use. Disinfect table tops, door handles, cell phones, etc. It’s safe to use around kids and pets.  This is such a simple DIY cleaner, you’ll never buy the chemical-laden stuff again.

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