DIY Summer Banana Treats

Learn how to turn ripened bananas into a healthy frozen summer treat for all ages.

Now that school is out for the summer and the kids are home, I’m always looking for fun treats that are an alternative to ice cream.  I remember growing up, nothing went to waste and those over-ripened bananas often ended up in the freezer, turned into some of our favorite treats.  This week, I decided to bring back that memory. The kids and I created delicious frozen banana pops complete with sprinkles and nuts.

Frozen banana treats in hands

Make These Frozen Summer Treats

Learn how to create these delicious frozen banana summer treats.

Photo by: Melissa Caughey

Melissa Caughey

The trick to making these treats is the hardening chocolate shell topping that is found in the grocery store near the ice cream cones and sundae toppings. It's amazing how quick and fun these treat are to make.

Ingredients on a table

Ingredients for Summer Banana Treats

Gather bananas, topping, sprinkles and nuts

Photo by: Melissa Caughey

Melissa Caughey

Supply List:

  • ripe bananas
  • sprinkles
  • chopped nuts
  • popsicle sticks
  • parchment paper
  • baking sheet
  • freezer
  • popular chocolate topping that hardens when applied to ice cream
Bananas with popsicle sticks on a tray

Freeze the Bananas

Lay out the bananas on a baking sheet, insert popsicle sticks and freeze them overnight.

Photo by: Melissa Caughey

Melissa Caughey

Begin by laying a sheet of parchment paper on the baking sheet. Next, cut the bananas in half and insert the popsicle sticks into the cut end. Then place the baking sheet with the bananas in the freezer overnight.

Chocolate sauce and sprinkles are added to bananas.

Add Toppings to Banana Summer Treats

Drizzle on the chocolate and then sprinkle on the toppings.

Photo by: Melissa Caughey

Melissa Caughey

For the next part you will have to work quickly, as the chocolate begins to harden in seconds. We found it helpful to do this with two people. One person held the frozen banana while drizzling on the chocolate topping while the other applied the toppings. As you coat the banana with the chocolate topping, twist it around to minimize dripping and coat the banana.

Frozen banana treats with chocolate, nuts and sprinkles.

Summer Banana Treats Ready to Eat

Frozen Banana treats are ready to eat once the chocolate has hardened.

Photo by: Melissa Caughey

Melissa Caughey

Return the chocolate and topping covered banana back to the baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Repeat the process on the remainder of the bananas. Once the chocolate shell has hardened enjoy!

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