One Minute DIY Christmas Gift Bags

Wrap your gifts fast with easy-to-make dollar store gift bags. 

Just as the relief sets in when you check that last person off your Christmas shopping list, you remember: you still have to wrap every gift. Here’s a better idea. Dress up your gifts with DIY gift bags made from dollar store items. These bags are easy, inexpensive, and have a personalized touch that make them uniquely from you. 

DIY paper christmas gift bags

DIY Christmas Gift Bags

DIY dollar store gift bags for Christmas.

Start with a basic brown paper bag (available in packs of 40 for $1.00) and spruce it up with ornaments, stockings and snowflakes. Finish each bag off with ribbon, glitter, tissue paper or any supplies you have left over from old projects. We’ll call it making room for a fresh start to crafting in the new year.

Each completed gift bag cost only $0.50-$1.00. They are a great size for candles, Christmas cookies and treats, picture frames and other small gifts.     


DIY Christmas ornament gift bags

DIY Ornament Christmas Gift Bag

Easy DIY gift bag using dollar store ornaments and paper bags.

Layered, textured ornaments that have one flat side are perfect for this project. Add a dab of hot glue to the center of the back of the ornament and attach to the bag. An added bonus is the ornament can be popped off the bag after use and put right on your gift receiver’s Christmas tree.


diy stocking christmas gift bags

DIY Stocking Christmas Gift Bags

Easy DIY Stocking Christmas Gift Bags.

These adorable little stockings are only 50 cents apiece and make the perfect pocket for a monogrammed gift tag or sweet treat. Simply hot glue the perimeter of the back of the stocking to the bag. Kids will love to peek inside to find out what Christmas treasure awaits them.


DIY Christmas snowflake gift bags

DIY Snowflake Christmas Gift Bags

Easy DIY snowflake Christmas gift bag using doilies

Cut white doilies into snowflakes like you would a paper snowflake and attach to the bag using hot glue. Another option is to arrange equal sized strips of doilies into a snowflake patter and cover the center with a bow or button.

14 Clever Ways to Wrap Gifts

See All Photos

Alphabet Soup Gift Tags

That's right, those tiny letters are actually dried soup noodles — which can be found in the pasta aisle of many grocery stores. This is one project where you can get an assist from the kids who'll have fun sorting through the tiny pasta letters while working on their spelling skills. Just glue your chosen phrase to a large paper gift tag for a fun way to add pizzazz to any gift.

Touch of Nature

Sometimes the holiday inspiration you're looking for can be found in your own backyard. Why not turn this nature-inspired gift topper into an afternoon activity for you and the family. Pine cones, acorns, berries and pine are all fair game, and when clustered atop a wrapped present, they add the perfect natural touch.

Gumdrop Gift Garland

Often, the most clever DIY projects are the simplest to create. With that notion in mind, we created a garland that’s perfect for tying onto presents, and that’s just as precious to look at as it is delicious. To craft it, just thread baker's twine through a large needle, then poke the twine through the gumdrops' base and knot the twine around the gift's underside.

Perfect Picture

A holiday gathering of close friends and family wouldn't be complete without a few trips down memory lane. This year, kick off the nostalgia by incorporating childhood photos into gifts to indicate who the recipient is — and the goofier the images, the better. Tie off with decorative ribbon for a spin on the traditional gift tag that's festive, sentimental and sure to evoke a laugh or two.

Vintage Cookie Tins

When recipients are expecting cardboard boxes and paper bags, there's something special about gorgeous reusable packaging. Nothing's more nostalgic than receiving a tasty homemade treat in a vintage tin. Scotland-made "tartanware" containers have become collectible pieces, and when used in holiday gift-giving, the wrap becomes a memorable part of the gift itself.

Felt Pennant Flags

This year, give your wrapped presents a preppy, collegiate feel with pennant gift flags made of felt. In lieu of the standard tied-on paper tag, these flags can be inserted into gift bags of any size and let your holiday message or the gift recipient’s name stand out loud and clear. Best of all, rather than getting tossed, they can live on as a decorative detail for many years to come.

Fringed Lunch Sacks

Take plain brown paper lunch sacks from ho-hum to holiday with just a pair of fringe scissors (available at your local craft store) and coordinated tissue paper and ribbon.

Floral Garland

'Tis the season for beautiful holiday florals and greenery, and contrary to popular belief, favorite blooms need not be confined to wreaths and mantels. This year, get crafty to create colorful garlands to wrap your gifts, instead of standard ribbon. Using silk flowers and floral wire from the craft store, it's easy to weave sprigs of holiday greenery together in a flash. Whether you're a seasoned floral designer or simply an enthusiastic gift-giver, these garlands are sure to add a dose of holiday cheer to your presents.

©Buff Strickland

Envelope-Style Wrap

Poster boards are commonplace when it comes to school projects and sign-making, but we’ve giving them a new purpose with this unique alternative to wrapping paper. Perfect for wrapping flat items like books, a folded scarf or a vinyl record, this project channels the classic envelope design to create a new way to wrap presents, and requires nothing more than a few craft materials.

Envelopes + Our Free Printables

Wrapping flat and folded objects can be a bit of a gift-wrapping conundrum. Rather than sliding around in boxes or getting lost in gift bags amid heaps of tissue paper, items like books or scarves nestle cozily into these gift envelopes. With a custom design on the front and spaces to write the gift-giver and recipient's names, these offer a chic and easy alternative solution to gifting small, flat items. Learn more, plus download our free printable, below.

©Buff Strickland

DIY Gift Card Envelopes

Although some might consider gift cards too impersonal, there's no doubt that people love receiving free money to their favorite stores and restaurants. This holiday season, make gift cards personal and beautiful by wrapping yours in these homemade festive envelopes. Beautifully crafted using colored origami paper and small paper doilies, a few folds and a knotted ribbon are all you need to add a homemade touch to your perfectly practical present.

Coffee Filter Snowflakes

Who could have guessed that in just a few simple steps, a standard coffee filter could be transformed into a one-of-a-kind snowflake? Get in the holiday spirit by creating cut-out flakes and adhering them to already wrapped presents. This is a great project for the kids to lend a helping hand.


A neatly tied ribbon is a staple when it comes to gift-wrapping, but instead of reaching for a traditional satin option or a ready-made sticky bow, raid your craft stash or stock up on a variety of festive fabric trim at your local craft store.

©Buff Strickland

Neon Edge Gift Wrapping

This holiday season, give basic wrapped boxes an edgy accent with brightly colored tape that’ll instantly make them a style stand-out. A little neon goes a long way, and since this time of year everything seems to be red and green, a splash of bright color can be a welcome change.

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