DIY Backyard Fire Pit Ideas + All the Accessories You’ll Need

Give your backyard s'more love and add a cozy fire pit. 

Fire pits are a backyard luxury that most people wouldn't mind having and they’re a year-round gem. The problem? Not everyone wants to pay oodles of cash to have one. The solution: build your own! It’s cheaper than you’d think and when it’s finished, you’ll have a little extra in the budget to splurge on all the fire pit essentials your new backyard fire pit will need. 

Idea 1: Build One

Easy Fire Pit

Easy Fire Pit

You can build a dry stack fire pit in an afternoon and enjoy it when the evening rolls around. A one-day project? Sounds great to me! Add a couple of chairs around with all your new accessories (we'll get to that soon!) and you will have a ready-to-go fire pit. 

Idea 2: Stone Fire Pit 

Rustic Fire Pit and Seating in the Woods

Rustic Fire Pit and Seating in the Woods

This fire pit tries to recreate the campfire setting on a New England lakefront property designed by YardApes, based in Connecticut. The stacked stone, pebble floor and handiwork in the design of the wood chairs creates an inviting entertaining spot.

Photo by: YardApes


This one involves a little more work as ready-mix concrete is needed. This ensures the stones stay in place while adding an extra rustic vibe to your backyard. As with before, add some chairs or tree stumps around the fire pit. Stone fire pit instructions can be found here

Idea 3: Fieldstone + Sand 

Sitting areas maximize water view.

Fire Pit With Water View

The patio off of this house leads to a sandy fire pit and sitting area, with a splendid view of the water and sunset beyond.

Photo by: Frank Murray

Frank Murray

I don't know about you but there is nothing better than a fire pit at the beach. While most of us don't have the beach in our backyard, we do have some space for a fire pit – so bring the beach home with this DIY fieldstone and sand fire pit

Fire Pit Accessories 

Blankets in Basket

Basket of Blankets

As the sun goes down at the stadium, temperatures can drop drastically. Keep your guests warm and comfy with a basket filled with woven throw blankets. In addition to adding comfort, blankets offer another opportunity to work your team colors into the party.

Photo by: Flynnside Out Productions

Flynnside Out Productions

You've got the fire pit part down but what all do you need now? Besides the obvious seating which can range from lawn chairs to tree stumps, consider these fire pit essentials like a basket of blankets for chillier nights. 

Drink Cooler 



Photo by: Kimberly Finkel Davis

Kimberly Finkel Davis

Keep those drinks nice and cool during those summer nights. 

Fire Pit Grill

Barbecue Skewers at a campsite at Locust Lake Park in Pennsylvania

Photo by: iStock/LemneiPhoto


Add a grill to the top of your fire pit to cook burgers, dogs and all your grilling favorites. 

Fire Wood Rack

You're definitely going to need a lot of wood for a fire pit so keep it handy and stored on a rack off to the side. 

Check Out More Fire Pit Accessories

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Safety Screen

Even fire pits need safety screens and if you have one with a circular design you probably need something like the Napoleon PatioFlame Black Safety Screen to protect you against open flames and sparks. 

Photo By: Woodland Direct

Fire Glass

Instead of black lava rocks or some type of heat-resitant stones for your fire pit, you could add some visual pizzazz with fire glass from Woodland Direct which comes in a wide array of colors - everything from aquamarine to sapphire blue to cherry (pictured).

Photo By: Woodland Direct, Inc.

Pop Culture

A fun accessory for any outdoor fireplace or fire pit is a popcorn popper like this sleek model from Camp Chef which has a 3.5 quart capacity.

Photo By: Camp Chef

Cover Me in Copper

Fire pit covers are necessary and recommended for protection against the elements but why settle for something purely functional when you can have style and beauty such as this copper fire pit cover made of lightweight aluminum. 

Photo By: Woodland Direct

Wood Sculpture

Want an innovative and visually pleasing method for stacking your fire wood? Consider the 8 foot Double Round Rack which keeps wood dry and elevated off the ground and comes with a waterproof cover.

Photo By: Woodland Direct

Roasting Tools

Whether you want to toast marshmallows or roast some hot dogs over the fire pit, these extendable safety roasting sticks help you avoid any burns or accidents that sometimes occur with outdoor grilling.

Photo By: Camp Chef

Carry a Torch

Looking for something more decorative and ornamental than a standard fire pit? Try these intriguing alternatives such as the Desert Steel Passion Flower Torch which is constructed of galvanized steel and operates on torch fuel.

Photo By: Woodland Direct

Urban Log Lugger

Ideal for rearranging logs and pieces of wood in your fire pit, the Firebuggz Original Log Lugger is 48 inches long, made of durable steel with a powder coat finish and fitted with a comfort grip.

Photo By: Woodland Direct

Curves and Angles

One way to make your fire pit stand out is to replace your traditional heat resistant rocks with something more visually unique like the Rasmussen Alterna Vent-Free FireShapes Set, made of ceramic bonded refractory concrete.

Photo By: Woodland Direct

Roughing It

A convenient alternative to a permanent fire pit or outdoor grill is the Lumberjack Tripod Grill which can travel anywhere and offers you an 18 inch grill in heavy-duty, nickel-plated steel.

Photo By: Camp Chef

The Sherpa Solution

You have your portable grill but what about storage space for all of the extras that the grill requires? The Sherpa Camp Table & Organizer is a portable kitchen cupboard with a rollout aluminum tabletop and four padded bags to keep everything organized during storage and transport. 

Photo By: Camp Chef

For Your Chiminea

If your outdoor fireplace is a chiminea and you need to protect the surface area around it, the Blue Rooster Fire Resistant Hearth measures 36 inches by 36 inches and prevents sparks and embers from damaging your deck or patio area.

Photo By: Woodland Direct

Midnight at the Oasis

Fire pits can provide intriguing sources of light at night but there are other alternatives such as the Desert Steel Saguaro Cactus Torch which is 25 inches wide and 78 inches tall and definitely qualifies as garden art.

Photo By: Woodland Direct

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