15 Creative Kids' Room Decor Ideas

Get inspired with these cute and clever decorating ideas for your little one's space.

Decorating your kid's bedroom can be quite a task, especially if they are constantly going back and forth on their favorite theme. You want a space that will be long-lasting — not something you'll have to redo a year or two later.

Attic Turned Boys' Bedroom With Mural

Boys' Bedroom With Mural and Custom Homework Nooks

In its original state, the inset areas around the dormers were a waste of space. To give these areas a true purpose, they were transformed into two separate homework nooks complete with custom floating desks. To create the custom desks, first 2X4 lumber and paint-grade plywood were both cut to size, mitered, attached with a nail gun, then sanded and painted.

With minimal effort, you can create a space that will grow with your child. Looking for some inspiration? Browse through these decorating ideas that you can easily tackle yourself. 

Drawings Turned Into Wall Art

Instead of buying wall art, consider turning your child’s art into framed pieces for their bedroom. Simply buy similar frames in various sizes to create a unique gallery wall that you’ll be proud to show off to friends and family. You can also forego the frames and use a local photo printing shop to turn the artwork into individual canvases.

Pink Contemporary Girl's Bedroom

Pink Contemporary Girl's Bedroom With Wood Chair

Bright, bold patterns are a playful pairing with the cotton candy pink walls in this girls bedroom. They temper the hue and keep it from overwhelming the space.

Photo by: Jamie D Photography

Jamie D Photography

Easy, Geometric Design

Small black triangles add a bit of contrast to crisp white walls. Achieve this look with a stencil or if you want a less permanent option, use wall decals. Toy storage doesn’t have to be boring, either. Your child’s collection of toys can double as decor on a wall of floating shelves.

Toy Storage Shelves

Stored Toys Double as Fun Decor in Casual Kids Room

Toy storage is kept easy and casual in this kids' room. Cubbies located at floor level make it easy for kids to put away their own toys when through with them, while higher shelves provide a spot to store things out of reach while allowing them to contribute to the fun style of the room.

Photo by: Sean Litchfield Photography

Sean Litchfield Photography

DIY T-Shirt Headboard

Don’t get rid of those old T-shirts that your child has outgrown, but still loves. Repurpose those favorite shirts into a headboard that shows off their personality. Or make them into DIY pillows.

T-Shirt Headboard

15 Easy DIY Headboards: T-shirt Collection

Kids often have a hard time parting with their favorite T-shirts even after they've outgrown them. Use old T-shirts, sport jerseys or old blankets to create a collage of color over your child's bed.

Photo by: Susan Teare ©Joanne Palmisano

Susan Teare, Joanne Palmisano

Little Ballerina

Your dainty dancer deserves a space as precious as she is. Custom graphic wall art inspired the delicate look of this little girl’s room, with a place to hang her ballet outfit and shoes. Choosing a monochromatic color scheme with subtle accent colors allows for versatility as your little one gets older.

Little Girl's Room with Graphic Wall Decal

Graphic Wall Decal in Little Girl's Room

To create a statement piece in this elegant little girl's room, designers installed a graphic art wall to serve as everyday inspiration for the occupant of this sweet space.

Photo by: YouthfulNest


Skateboards as Artwork

Incorporate your tween's favorite hobby into their room design. A row of skateboards above the headboard adds fun dimension and pattern to this boy's bedroom. Or create a cool skateboard clock. See the project here.

Contemporary Boy's Bedroom With Blue Accent Wall and Skateboard Art

Skateboards Serve as Art in Contemporary Boy's Bedroom

Mounted skateboards serve as unlikely artwork in this striking boy's bedroom. A bold blue accent wall creates a backdrop for the skateboards as well as the upholstered bed. Neutral bedding ensures the space doesn't feel overdone.

Photo by: John Woodcock Photography

John Woodcock Photography

Make your own skateboard wall clock

Large Scale Skateboard Wall Clock

Photo by: Sam Henderson

Sam Henderson

Coral + Turquoise

When choosing a nursery design, consider a chic and timeless color palette that will grow with your child. Coral and turquoise paired with shimmery gold accents make a great choice for a little girl's room. Monogrammed wall art is a cute and classic addition that will last long after the baby stage, too.

Contemporary Teal and Coral Girl's Nursery

Whimsical and Fun Girl's Nursery

A classic white crib with black trim pops off the coral-and-teal wallpaper, featuring a feather and arrow motif. A gold chandelier brings a whimsical touch to the space, while a graphic-printed area rug adds style underfoot.

Photo by: John Woodcock Photography

John Woodcock Photography

Stylish Storage

Keep clutter to a minimum with toys and blankets tucked away in cute, patterned storage bins that complement the room's decor.

Storage Bins For Little Girl's Room

Pink And Green Bedroom Storage For Little Girl

Pink and green patterned, metal bins serve as preppy storage solutions for miscellaneous items.

Reading Nook

Make reading a fun activity that your child looks forward to and give them a cozy spot to enjoy their books. Designate a reading corner, construct a teepee and provide plush cushions and their favorite stuffed animals.


Cozy Nook

Entertaining children for the holidays? Take a cue from designer Jessica Bradley and create a special, cozy nook just for them to get away from the holiday madness. This cozy teepee filled with cushions and accented by a basket of holiday books for reading is flanked by some stuffed animal llama friends to keep her company.

Photo by: David Christensen

David Christensen

Cool Cars

For your car-loving tween, frame sports car posters and hang them above the headboard and around the room. Keep the walls, furnishings and bedding neutral in case the car fad dies out. Wall art can be easily replaced to change the theme.

Kid's Room With Blue Bed

Gray Contemporary Kid's Room With Blue Bed

This stylish bedroom will easily grow along with its young owner. Switch out the wall art and toys as the years go by; the colors and chic furniture will always be relevant.

Photo by: Kara Thomas

Kara Thomas

Multicolor Washi Tape

Use multiple colors of washi tape to create a fun, chevron-inspired design as an accent wall in your kid's room. It's a less permanent way to add color and pattern to the space.



Wild for Watermelon

Hot pink is a bold color choice for decorating, but mixing in a softer shade such as mint green helps tone down the brightness. Here, a watermelon throw pillow inspired the color palette for a little girl's bedroom. To continue the theme, watermelon decals embellish the plain white walls.

Hot Pink Wicker Chair

Watermelon-Inspired Kids' Room Decor

A wicker chair painted in punchy hot pink and a mint-green table lamp follow the watermelon theme of the wall print and throw pillow.

Photo by: Sean Litchfield Photography

Sean Litchfield Photography

Aspiring Artist

Does your child love to draw? Let their imagination soar by painting their walls with chalkboard paint. The vast canvas allows them to show their creativity and change their artwork at any time, too.

Photo by: Scott Dorrance

Scott Dorrance

Beautiful Butterflies

Don't be afraid to mix patterns. A colorful accent wall with a butterfly print meshes perfectly with the bedding in this eclectic bedroom. Our advice? Stick to a similar color palette and don't overdo it. If all the walls were covered with the butterfly wallpaper, the design would simply appear too visually busy.

White Eclectic Girls Room

Girls Room with Butterfly Wallpaper Accent Wall

This girly and colorful kids bedroom features a butterfly accent wall that establishes the room's bright color palette. White walls provide a spot for the eye to rest between bright punches of color. A chandelier, a frilly dollhouse and a colorful quilt add feminine touches to the fun space.

Photo by: Bill Stengel

Bill Stengel

Go Nautical

There's something so refreshing about a coastal bedroom, and it's not going out of style anytime soon. This is a perfect look for your family beach house. Search thrift stores and local home decor stores to find nautical themed accessories to complete the look.

Coastal White Kids' Bedroom With White Bunk Beds and Lifeguard Chair

Kids' Bunk Room Features Fresh Coastal Design

Shiplap walls and white built-in bunk beds pair with sisal-style flooring and nautical light fixtures for a coastal look in this kids' room. A lifeguard chair and surfboard complete the whimsically beautiful design.

Photo by: Tessa Neustadt

Tessa Neustadt

Printable Art

These custom animal prints are free to download and are offered in four templates — fox, bunny, deer and owl. Let your little artist color the pages in with their colored pencils. Finish by matting and framing each picture in sleek, black frames for a more polished look.

Make your own printable artwork for kids

Printable Artwork for Kids Room

Make fun artwork for kids' rooms with these printable pages

Photo by: Sam Henderson

Sam Henderson

Get Pro Tips on Creating a Wall Mural in a Kid's Room

See All Photos

Personalized Walls

Marco and Elena Ciotti hired a professional muralist to turn the walls of their two children’s rooms into inspiring, colorful scenery.

Photo By: Brian Patrick Flynn

Hiring a Pro

Fort Lauderdale, Fla.-based muralist Michelle Morse completed two bedrooms for the Ciotti family in four days for slightly less than $1,000 per room. Daughter Bianca’s room features sweeping green vistas; sons Luca and Vincenzo’s walls are covered in a nautical, New England-style landscape. Whether a homeowner is looking to paint a mural themselves, or planning to hire a muralist, Michelle shares insider tips for understanding all that goes into creating a top-notch, lifelike mural.

Photo By: Brian Patrick Flynn

Consider Scale and Furnishings

To add a bit of a 3-D, layered element to Bianca’s room, an antique desk passed down from her paternal grandmother was placed directly in front of a painted tree. When incorporating tall elements such as trees and buildings into murals, it’s wise to stick with proportion and scale, which works well not only with the room’s furniture, but also in relation to both the height and vantage points for children. Buildings and trees painted too small can get lost behind furniture, and they may also lose their visual impact from different points in the room.

Photo By: Brian Patrick Flynn

Highlights and Shadows

The key to adding lifelike tree branches to a mural is using different hues of one color. Highlights and shadows are what give the branches depth and make them seem more realistic by establishing where the light source is coming from; it’s important to keep the room’s light source in mind prior to adding the shadowing detail. Without these highlights and shadows, the overall effect can be flat.

Photo By: Brian Patrick Flynn

Double-Loading Brush

In order to add depth to painted objects such as trees, bushes and mountains, it’s important to “double-load” the brush. On the sweeping vistas, the same shade of green takes on different hues due to dry-brushing green and cream together on the same brush; the double-loading creates a line which blends the colors together, creating a gradient effect. This is what gives the hills and vistas dimension.

Photo By: Brian Patrick Flynn

Light Colors Advance and Dark Colors Recede

To delineate foreground from background, muralists use lighter colors in the front and darker colors in the back. Michelle explains, “If you look at a landscape, you will notice the softening of the colors in the distance. The colors and lines become less distinct in the background; they recede because of the dark coloring. In the foreground, the colors advance because they’re lighter.”

Photo By: Brian Patrick Flynn

Cloud Effects

To create lifelike clouds, it’s all about choosing the right color which, surprisingly, is not white. Michelle notes, “Clouds are not true white, they’re different shades of gray, white, blue and lavender. So when brushing clouds, it’s important to not just use white. In Luca and Vincenzo’s room, and in Bianca’s room, the clouds are made of blue-gray and white.”

Photo By: Brian Patrick Flynn

Adapting Logos or Emblems

Experienced muralists can take just about anything and make it more artistic and adaptable for a wall. For example, local Fort Lauderdale sports team the Nova Titans had a simple logo which wouldn’t translate well as a mural due to its lack of ornamentation and contrast. By adding layers including contrast colors as well as a pronounced sun, Michelle turned it into a much more interesting scene. Homeowners interested in having an existing logo or emblem revised can request the change directly from a muralist, or through a graphic designer at an average of $45 to $75 per hour.

Photo By: Brian Patrick Flynn

Transparency Transfer

In order for sketches to make their way up onto the walls, they have to be transferred onto a transparency. This is simple to do with a commercial copier. Instead of loading the copier with basic paper, replace the paper with transparencies. If a homeowner has no access to a commercial printer, most office supply stores will do this for an average of 11 cents per copy if the transparency is brought in. To have office supply stores use their own transparency, it will be an average of 50 cents per copy.

Photo By: Brian Patrick Flynn

Custom Sketch

When it comes to selecting mural designs and styles, there are stock options which muralists use again and again, and then there are custom designs which require original sketches. Since sketches often require several revisions between muralist and client, keeping the amount of revisions to a minimum will save costs. The best way to avoid multiple revisions is to scan and email revisions over email, avoiding the cost of in-person consultations.

Photo By: Brian Patrick Flynn

Project Onto the Walls

In order for transparencies to make their way up onto the walls, they need to be placed into a projector which can be purchased or rented at an art supply store. As far as what type of supplies to use for tracing the design to the wall, Michelle suggests col-erase pencils noting, “They’re water-soluble, and they allow you to wipe off or erase marks easily. I prefer these over pencils, which even though they create a crisp line, once painted over, show their marks through the paint.”

Photo By: Brian Patrick Flynn

Complicated Murals

Pricing of murals is based on the level of skill and time required to complete the application. While a simple, graphic mural can be as quick as five hours to project and paint, designs with multiple layers and detailed elements are likely to take several days. This fresco design of Michelle’s is an example of a much more costly mural due to the level of difficulty and precision required for proper application.

Photo By: Brian Patrick Flynn

Wall and Ceiling Tree

Depending on the level of detail requested, walls and ceilings can be adjusted for a more seamless effect, specifically for blurring the edges between ceilings and walls. Since Marco owns a residential contracting business, he rounded the tops of the walls near the ceilings in Bianca’s room, allowing portions of the mural such as this corner tree to carry on upward without visible lines. This involves extra contractor costs and must be done prior to the muralist arriving to project, trace and paint.

Photo By: Brian Patrick Flynn

3-D Elements

Effects from layering are what give murals their lifelike appearance. For an extra layer of detail in Bianca’s room, Marco had a custom white picket fence installed. In order to achieve this effect, several pieces of MDF (medium-density fiberboard) were cut to size with the tops mitered at two 45-degree angles, then installed with a nail gun and joint compound, caulked and painted white.

Photo By: Brian Patrick Flynn

Bird's Nest

Murals, specifically landscapes, can continuously be updated as time goes on. For example, when first conceived, Bianca’s design simply called for trees and vistas. Once the project neared completion, she asked if Michelle could incorporate a robin’s nest into one of the trees. Since the nest could simply be painted onto the existing surface, this was an easy addition that only took Michelle an extra hour to do.

Photo By: Brian Patrick Flynn

Specialty Supplies

Homeowners seeking a professional muralist should take into account the various elements which determine their pricing. Something to take into consideration is transportation and the use of specialty materials. Michelle’s SUV is packed with just about everything she could possibly need to complete a project, from sealers and custom colors to unique brushes and applicators. To account for wear and tear of these specialty items, muralists will calculate their fees and project prices accordingly.

Photo By: Brian Patrick Flynn

Projection Supplies

Some key supplies essential to proper projection tracing and application include: a level, spackle knife, colored pencils, No. 2 pencils and black ink pens.

Photo By: Brian Patrick Flynn

Painting Supplies

As far as the supplies required for proper painting of murals, Michelle suggests having the following before starting the paint process: colored markers; paint pens; tape measures; protractors; utility knives; acrylic paint; mixing cups; latex paints; quick-drying joint compound; hand sanitizer; and erasers.

Photo By: Brian Patrick Flynn

Pink Accents

Instead of painting Bianca’s room in every girl’s favorite color, pink, it was instead used sparingly in accents which contrast beautifully against the vivid greens, blues and yellows featured in the mural.

Photo By: Brian Patrick Flynn

Playing With Corners

In Luca and Vincenzo’s room, Michelle added decorative mural elements to take the focus off hard edges, including the top right corner of the entry door which features a round sun enveloping both sides of the corner.

Photo By: Brian Patrick Flynn

Neutral Furniture

Since the nautical landscape behind Vincenzo’s crib is supposed to be the main feature of Luca and Vincenzo’s room, Marco and Elena chose an antique white finish which blends in with the mural.

Photo By: Brian Patrick Flynn

Blending It Together

Color placement is key when it comes to furnishing a room in relation to the mural. The wall against which Luca’s bed is placed is made up heavily of blue paint, which creates the look and feel of a New England bay. To keep the blue carrying into the furniture, Marco and Elena outfitted Luca’s bed with a blue comforter featuring the same hue as the water of the mural.

Photo By: Brian Patrick Flynn

Red Accents

For contrast against the overall blue and white landscape of Luca and Vincenzo’s mural, Marco and Elena added accents of red, which contrast nicely and also create a classic, American palette.

Photo By: Brian Patrick Flynn

Proper Height

Luca and Vincenzo wanted a fishing shack incorporated into their mural. To ensure such a detailed feature wasn’t covered up by bulky furniture, the bottom of the shack sits even with the top lip of Vincenzo’s changing table and storage chest.

Photo By: Brian Patrick Flynn

Advance and Recede

Similar to the depth achieved in the sweeping vistas of Bianca’s mural, the same process was used to achieve the horizon effect seen in Luca and Vincenzo’s room.

Photo By: Brian Patrick Flynn

Added-On Detail

Once Luca and Vincenzo’s mural was complete, Luca requested the added detail of a boy fishing off the jetties. Details this small and simple, although additional in costs, are minimal since they’re quick and don’t require many extra materials.

Photo By: Brian Patrick Flynn

Paint Pens and Detail Brushes

As far as the supplies in Michelle’s kit are concerned, she relies mostly on small detail brushes and paint pens for tiny illustrational detail such as script or ornamentation such as the hand-painted signage and graphic lobster of the small shack in Luca and Vincenzo’s room.

Photo By: Brian Patrick Flynn

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