10 Eccentric Wreaths to Make This Halloween

Let your wild side come out to play this Halloween.

It's officially time to bring out those wacky (sometimes a little tacky) Halloween decorations that have been collecting cobwebs in the attic.

Or better yet - freshen up your decor with some new additions to the front door because soon you will be greeting little trick-or-treaters at your doorstep. Now's the time to start crafting a quirky wreath that screams Halloween. And yes, it's completely okay to be outlandish.

Here are ten of our funky favorites that you can easily make yourself:

1. Creepy Eyeballs

Create a scary eyeball wreath using styrofoam balls and a black feather boa. Or consider using a brightly colored feather boa to pop against a traditional wooden front door.



2. Colorful Skulls

Try fun, vibrant colors instead of the traditional black and orange this Halloween. Using an assortment of colorful ribbon, foam skulls and a stencil, this Day of the Dead idea brightens up any front door. The array of colors really pop against a cheery yellow door.

3. One-Eyed Monster

While we mostly think of monsters as incredibly horrifying, monsters can be cute, too. Stick on some faux fur, add horns and a giant googly eye to a yarn-wrapped wreath to make this oh-so-darling gentle giant. You can easily change up the color scheme to suit your personal taste and style.

4. Stone Cold Medusa

We've all been told that ancient Greek myth that if you stare into the eyes of Medusa, you will turn into stone. Think about incorporating the slithery Gorgon into your Halloween decor to spook trick-or-treaters when they come knocking.

Make This: Medusa Wreath

5. Teal Pumpkins

To let neighbors know you're offering allergy-friendly treats, try out this teal pumpkin wreath made from felt and embroidery hoops. It's easy to make and a cute alternative to traditional wreaths.

6. Spooky Spiders

They're creepy, they're crawly and perfect for Halloween! From a distance, the plastic spiders look real and would scare just about anybody who is fearful of the eight-legged arachnids.

Halloween Spider Wreath

Spider Wreath

This fabric wreath is simple to make and can be used for many occasions by changing the embellishments. The mini black-glitter spider clips contrast perfectly with the bright white fabric. With just a few basic materials and tools from the craft store, you can dress up your front door for Halloween.

©Vicki Lynn Photography

Vicki Lynn Photography

7. Swatting Flies

Consisting of black and orange garland, fly swatters and faux flies, there's no denying this idea meshes well with the creepiness and quirkiness of Halloween.

8. Telling Tarot Cards

What does your future hold? Have fun with trick-or-treaters and pretend to predict their future as they're grabbing their treats.

9. Nevermore

To get your fall wreath ready for Halloween, fashion a raven onto it to add an eerie touch. It's an easy addition that could even be clipped on so you could remove it when Halloween has passed.

Colorful Felt Leaves on Grapevine Wreath With Crow

Halloween Wreath

For the final step in making this cute fall wreath, position a black crow inside lower edge of wreath and hang on door for a sophisticated way to greet Halloween and fall guests.

10. Caution Tape

If you have a front gate, fix a caution tape wreath to the bars to warn guests as they enter the party. All you'll need is a foam wreath and caution tape for this easy-peasy project.

Halloween Caution Wreath

Proceed With Caution

Danger ahead! Put caution tape to decorative use as a yellow-and-black crime scene wreath. Pick up a roll of caution tape from your local hardware store and a foam wreath form at the craft store. Wrap the caution tape around the form, ensuring the letters face out. Use strong tape or straight pins to secure the end of the tape to the wreath's back. Complete the look with a caution tape bow.

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With some green paint and glitter, a foam head from the craft store is transformed into a planter that could turn you to stone.


Craft sand in Halloween colors layered in a clear bowl make the perfect terror-arium.

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An old birdcage is transformed into hanging basket with the help of a coconut-husk liner and viney plant.

Witch's Nose Dive

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Drip Pots

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Photo By: Michael Hall

Snakes in a Basket

You never know what is going to come crawling out from this grapevine hanging basket.


Raid the science lab for interesting vases and vessels. Faux or real foliage - your choice.

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