Clever Ideas for Making a Homework Station

Getting your child to focus on their studies can be a monumental task. Take a look at these work areas designed to inspire. 

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Reading and writing and ‘rithmatic are back! So it’s time to create a space for schoolwork once again. It can be really helpful to carve out a designated area for your kid’s homework.

Learning Playroom

Learning Playroom

Just like adults who work from home, having a specific work area not only helps a person to focus on their work, but it helps them to relax and enjoy other activities in a different space when the work is done. If you’re lucky enough to have an entire homework room like the space above, that is fantastic. But there are a few other tricks you might try if you’re tight on space.

If your child is old enough for a lofted bed, you might have the perfect place to tuck in a little desk. This little study nook will keep all school work corralled into one area and leaves the rest of the room free for rest and relaxation. There are no monsters under this bed, just math problems. (Get instructions on how to build this loft bed.)

I know it might seem like a crazy idea to put your kids’ homework station in the middle of the chaos, but hear me out. If homework time and dinner prep can run concurrently, there’s a greater chance of being able to relax as a family after dinner. Some kids need someone nearby to help him or her stay on task or help out with certain subjects. Could a kitchen desk work for you?



Ericka Islas EMI Interior Design

Photo by: David Young-Wolff

David Young-Wolff

A simple flip-down wall unit (like this one I made in a small kitchen) can be a fantastic way to keep your kids’ homework organized and safely folded away from the everyday hustle and bustle of your family’s routine. They’re also great space savers if real estate is limited.

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