Chip Wade's Favorite Trends From the 2017 Design and Construction Week

Take a look at the latest designs and products that caught HGTV and DIY host Chip Wade's eye.

By: Chip Wade
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Over 80,000 building professionals, remodelers and designers recently gathered in Orlando to attend the combined 2017 Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) and NAHB’s International Builders' Show (IBS), collectively known as Design and Construction week. KBIS is the world’s largest trade event dedicated to the kitchen and bath industry and IBS is where manufacturers and home builders explore the latest products and innovations in home improvement. Check out some design trends, cool new products and innovative ideas.

Photo by: Kohler


Layers of White

White is full of wonder. It’s an unmarked canvas. So it may not seem like a trend, but what is expanding this year is the layering of whites.  When you layer in texture and detail all in complementary shades of white, you suddenly have a rich, subtly complex space that is personalized to your style and easily updated. 

Photo by: Artiswall


Velcro-Like Wall Paneling

This removable, reclaimed wood accent-wall product is the best I’ve seen of this popular trend. Gathered from old barns or salvaged buildings, each plank has a story that you can trace with a unique code printed on the back. With an innovative micro-loop and hook, the boards are easily adjustable and removable, making install beyond simple. ArtisWall's patented installation system allows for the planks to be easily installed, removed and reused in any room.

Germ-Resistant Doorknobs

Homeowners are becoming increasingly aware of the germs, chemicals, allergens and other pollutants that are invading our indoor spaces. This year, companies showed us that they are ready to help us fight for the health of our homes. Products like whole home water purifiers, HVAC systems that improve indoor air quality, and non-toxic paints and adhesives lined the aisles. Kwikset proudly displayed their line of Microban door hardware specifically engineered with the anti-microbial finish to keep door handles cleaner. This bacteria fighting finish significantly reduces the spread of germs on one of the most frequently touched items in our homes.  

Photo by: Kohler


High-Force Rain Showerhead

Remember when you were a kid without a care in the world? A rainstorm was just another place to play and leave worry behind. Now you can do the same in your shower with Kohler’s Real Rain Shower System. This 19” x 19” panel consisting of 775 nozzles delivers three different random-sized, gravity-driven water droplets, mimicking the look and feel of a real rain shower.  To top it off, with the push of a button, the deluge function drops a half a gallon of water for six seconds giving you the power cleanse. All this with just two gallons per minute. Now that's innovation.

Photo by: Scott Dorrance

Scott Dorrance

Writable Walls

Do you ever wish you could have a giant Post-It Note to capture all your thoughts or have the freedom to let you kids write all over the walls without getting in trouble?  Thanks to Formica’s new writable surfaces, any wall, door or surface can now be clad in a sleek panel that welcomes personalization. In colors from black, gray to patterns with grids to help with more creativity, this flexible new surface opens up all kinds of possibilities. 

Photo by: Aga


Evolution of Induction

While already vastly popular in Europe, the induction method of cooking is gradually making its way into American kitchens. And it’s easy to see why with their energy and time-saving features combined with striking design aesthetics. This year AGA released the largest (48”) Mercury Induction cooktop that sits atop a sleek, clean-lined multifunction oven. Meanwhile, Elica incorporated powerful ventilation within the cooktop on the Nikola Tesla line. The central fan communicates with the cooktop and automatically sets the ideal air capture based on the information from the cooking zones. 

Toilet Talk

It’s easy to take your toilet for granted, but toilets play an important role in your bathroom. And this year, more than any other, people were willing to talk toilets. Blending design and technology on both the interior and exterior of the toilet, manufacturers took cleanliness to the next level. More powerful engines provide a stronger flush keeping the bowl cleaner.  Kohler covered that s-shaped trapway that nobody wants to clean by skirting it with smooth lines that can easily be cleaned and replaced those bulky bolt caps with low-profile CleanCaps. The intelligent toilets are growing in popularity because after all, a cleaner toilet means a cleaner bathroom, and ultimately, a cleaner you.  

HGTV Dream Home 2017: Large Coastal Master Bathroom

Marvelous Master Bath

The generously sized master bath located just off the master closet offers top-notch amenities in a coastal-inspired space that has a fresh and serene feel.

Photo by: Photographer: Christina Wedge

Photographer: Christina Wedge

Smaller Homes but Bigger Bathrooms

The average home size is shrinking (and according to the NAHB, this trend should continue in 2017), but our bathrooms have been spared, or at least our showers are spared. Delta’s booth featured a replica of HGTV’s Dream Home master bath, and the shower looked big enough for a small party. While most designers and homeowners are opting out of built-in tubs in exchange for larger shower footprints, free-standing tubs continue to be life’s little luxury that becomes the statement piece of any bathroom. 

Photo by: Black Horse Studio

Black Horse Studio

Innovation in Openings

This year brought innovation not just through technology, but also through the re-engineering of hardware mechanics. Companies like Häfele and Fabuwood Cabinetry displayed more efficient and attractive methods of opening and closing cabinets, something you do every single day. With hinges that allow the cabinet door to be lifted, tilted, swiveled or folded upwards rather than to the side, and sometimes with just the touch of a button, the user can access more of the cabinets and reclaim unused kitchen space with ease. These solutions not only look great but actually improve the way you interact with your space.  

Photo by: Ply Gem

Ply Gem

Engineered Cedar

Do you like the look of cedar shingle roofing but don’t like the idea of maintaining it?Thanks to Ply Gem’s new engineered version, you don’t have to compromise. Made from recycled resins and earth-mined minerals, you can now get that sought-after look with the resilience to withstand 150-mph winds, golf-ball sized hail and also have the highest level fire rating, all with a lightweight installation.

Photo by: Daltile


Marble-Looking Porcelain Tile

The unmistakable beauty of the finest marbles on earth is recognized as a universal luxury, but it comes at a steep price and with some maintenance headaches. Now you can get it with no reservations. Daltile's Marble Attaché tile opens a new frontier of design possibilities. These beautiful interpretations of the finest marble combine the traditional colors of marble with the ease of porcelain tile. With six colors and sizes up to 24”x 48” panels, you can transform any space into a customized lavish retreat.



Best Smelling Garbage Disposal Ever

How can you improve a garbage disposal? I mean, it’s pretty much just a blender and a drain for your sink right? Insinkerator went back to the drawing board to improve the obvious. Welcome Fresh Kitchen Food Waste Disposers. All the functionality of a traditional disposer with the key addition of a colorful backpack of aroma-infused liquid. With every cycle, this disposer adds a just the right amount of refreshing agent that neutralizes odors and leaves behind the fragrance of lemon, lime or orange.

Photo by: Rinnai


Motion Detection Water Heater

Tankless water heating just got even more efficient with the Therma Circ 360 technology from Rinnai. This integrated recirculation pump improves the already-great endless hot water by having it at your tap faster and on demand with motion detection or push-button control.

Easiest-to-Clean Carpet

What’s better than the world’s softest and easiest-to-clean carpet? How about a beautiful carpet that is warrantied for pretty much everything, like bleach, mustard, red wine and pets?  Now you can have your cake and eat it too, right on top of your Mohawk SmartStrand Silk Reserve carpet.

Motorized Attic Stairs

There has been little innovation with attic stairs in recent years. What a welcome change to see the new automatic telescoping stairs from Arke. A simple push of a button lowers and raises a robust metal structure and keeps you from having to jump to grab that notorious pull string.

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