Easy Toy Storage Ideas

Help corral wayward toys by repurposing a few home organizational pieces you might already have on hand.

I love having my two-year-old niece come over to my house for a visit. My husband and I don't have children of our own and realized we didn’t have the best toy storage system in place for her playdates. A visit to an area thrift store made us realize that we didn’t need expensive toy boxes or shelving units to keep her toys in check. Repurposing some home organizational accessories was just what we needed to make her play area one of a kind.

Take a look at these accessories you may already have in your home that could play a second act as a helpful toy organizer.

Old Bathroom Vanity
This over-the-toilet vanity was up for grabs for just a few dollars at my local thrift store. After a good scrub, several coats of fresh spray paint, and a set of new hardware, this vanity was turned upside down to become a toddler-sized cabinet.

The closed storage on this unit works perfectly for keeping books lined up and small toys in one place. Inexpensive beach sandbox pails are great for keeping like toys together on the shelves. The top of the unit boasts some favorite toys that bring smiles to guests’ faces upon their arrival.

Wine Shipping Crate
A sturdy wine shipping crate just needs holes drilled in either side to become a useful holder for toys, especially those that are larger or taller in size.

Rope scraps become handles to make this box easy to store under a coffee table or bed. Choose a colorful paint to coordinate with the room you plan on storing the toys in.

Vintage Tins and Bowls
The next time you stop by a neighbor’s garage sale, keep an eye out for bargain-priced tins or bowls. This enamel tin isn’t in pristine condition any more for those who enjoy collecting pieces like this, but it still serves as a great way to store small handheld toys that even grown-ups don’t mind reaching for when set out on a coffee table.

Office Baskets
These baskets, available in a variety of sizes, are perfect for keeping toys together as they can stack on top of each other. Featuring handles instead of lids, they’re great to have on hand when clean-up time has arrived - simply toss the items into a designated color and the toys are up off the floor in minutes.

Craft Supply Sorters
For the LEGO lovers in your home, small compartmentalized boxes, like these often used for sorting beads, are a lifesaver when trying to keep small accessories from getting lost in bigger LEGO brick piles.

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