Creative Genius: Samantha Pattillo on Finding Your Personal Style

Meet furniture designer and stylish DIYer Samantha Pattillo, who shares her tips on finding your own design style.

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The Made + Remade team gets really excited to meet people who are just as excited as we are about living the DIY lifestyle. And Samantha Pattillo totally fits that bill. Growing up in Alaska making custom furniture for her Barbies in her dad's cabinetry shop, you might say that Samantha was destined to build cool stuff.

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But if you talk to her, she'll tell you that what really revealed her path was a visit to SCAD her senior year of high school. She had been looking at schools and considering a degree in architecture when she and her parents stumbled across SCAD's Furniture Design building. Four hours later, they walked out of the building, and she knew exactly where she was supposed to be. "It changed my whole world," she says.

Samantha worked as lead outdoor furniture designer for Lowe's for several years out of college, but recently decided to break out on her own. Along with Eric May, she started Ace Evert International.

I also really love following all of Samantha's projects on her blog. She is one stylish lady (her logo is a stiletto & a hammer), she has a gift for upcycling (a subject close to our M+R hearts), and she shares her blog with an adorable shop dog named Tucker. With a little DIY and her designer intuition, Samantha works with clients to create spaces that are personal to them.

So naturally I had to ask this stylish Creative Genius how she helps clients discover their own style. Here are her tips that may help you find your own style, too...

Tip #1: Look in your closet.

We all have color palettes that we lean toward. If you're having trouble finding a color palette for a room or a project you're working on, look at your favorite clothes. You may find that you tend to surround yourself with soothing neutrals or that you have a proclivity toward pink.

Tip #2: Check out those shoes. (Samantha is all about some fabulous shoes!)

Here's a little secret. The shoes you choose may tell more about you than you think. Do you have a closet full of stilettos? Maybe you're a little more willing to sacrifice practicality for fabulous style? Although, you shouldn't sacrifice one for the other – you can have both fashion and function.

Tip #3: Reading material can tell a lot about your personal style.

What magazines do you subscribe to? For instance, do you read Traditional Home each month? Your style may mirror the magazine's name. A fan of Dwell? You probably are inspired by clean lines and have a tendency to rid yourself of extra clutter. Love Southern Living? Your home may be a mix of heirloom treasures with a few newer pieces. For example, modern artwork can totally rock above an antique credenza from your mom – it's just about investing yourself in the creation of a space that's just for you.

Check out Samantha's step-by-step instructions on how she turned this once-damaged credenza into a work or art. 



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