Creative Genius: Jeremy Pawlowski of America Y’all

Get to know the Creative Genius behind America Y'all.

Sometimes, you just stumble upon something great. Maybe you’re driving along a back road, taking a different route, and find a field of wildflowers, a fantastic view, a hot meal, a cold swimming hole … something that reminds you to be happy you’re living and breathing in America.

Jeremy Pawlowski of America Y’all. (Photos by Ryan Millar.)

Jeremy Pawlowski of America Y’all. (Photos by Ryan Millar.)

That’s Jeremy Pawlowski and his blog and Instagram feed “America Y’all.”

I discovered Jeremy not by driving on a back road or taking a different trail, but by touring around on Instagram (the loveliest social media route) looking for people who embody and express the American spirit as we envision it on the Great American Country network.

Jeremy Pawlowski has it.

With each photo and caption on “America Y’all,” I felt my heart swell with a combination of pride and nostalgia. I wanted to jump in and be there with this guy who travels with his friends and his dog, across the great state of Texas and beyond, rediscovering America like an early adventurer, pioneer or settler. He gets into American nature, experiences it, and then somehow expresses it, beautifully and simply, in his photos — which is why “America Y’all” is up to more than 17,000 Instagram followers, and counting.

But, ya know, I have a job. And I’ll be honest, I imagined Jeremy didn’t. I mean, look at his feed. Cynical me, I thought he must be living out my American dreams on someone else’s dime. But I reached out to him anyway, looking for a good story and some great photos of America to share.

And I was so wrong. Totally wrong. (Ah, humility, that most important of emotions …)

Here’s what Jeremy told me about his life and his mission with “America Y’all.”

Jeremy at Rocky Mountain National Park. 

Jeremy at Rocky Mountain National Park. 

I see a lot of Texas in your photos. Is that where you live, or are you constantly on the road?
Austin is my home, and believe it or not, I shoot photos full-time for the University of Texas.

Wow, so you work full-time and still find the time to travel to all these amazing places on the weekends?
Yes. I’m constantly hearing from people who think they don’t have time to travel, hike, camp, etc., and all I want to do is show them that it’s possible if you put a little effort into it!

What’s the mission behind “America Y’all”?
My main goal with “America Y’all” has always been to show folks that you don’t need to quit your day job to see and enjoy the beauty of the land. Another thing I try to show is the fact that you don’t need any fancy gear to get out there and enjoy nature.

But this doesn’t feel like an outdoor adventure blog. This is more approachable somehow.
Yes, I do embark on some crazy hikes and kayak trips, but the majority of my camping is done with my car in sight, my tent is from Wal-Mart and up until recently I just hiked around in tennis shoes. I think there is a misconception that you need to spend a lot of money on camping gear. And a lot of people I know are intimidated by the idea of roughing it. I’d like to show people that there is no need to “rough it” to enjoy state and national parks.

Jeremy Pawlowski of America Y’all with his dog, Piper, at Great Sand Dunes National Park. Check out the hashtag #havepiperwilltravel on Instagram to see more.

Jeremy Pawlowski of America Y’all with his dog, Piper, at Great Sand Dunes National Park. Check out the hashtag #havepiperwilltravel on Instagram to see more.

Jeremy is a regular contributor to our sister network, the Travel Channel. Check some of his travel posts.  

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