Projects to Tackle Over Memorial Day Weekend

A list of 50+ things to get done this 3-day weekend.

My springtime project list has reached an epic length. Maybe you can relate. I always find myself most enthused about home improvement in the springtime, those few weeks squeezed between winter hibernation and "OMG-it’s-so-hot-I’m-never-moving-again." Memorial Day weekend is kind of the best time to get cracking on those projects for many reasons (3-days at home, hardware store sales, getting your home dressed to impress for a busy summer). 

backyard pinwheel decoration

DIY Weatherproof Vinyl Pinwheel

Make colorful pinwheel inexpensively from vinyl folders.

Here are 50+ things that you can most definitely conquer this holiday weekend (and still have time to picnic like it’s your job).

Oh no, it’s rainy! 

(Yes, of course I have an “It’s Raining on Memorial Day Weekend” to-do list.)



Using homemade carpet cleaner to clean a rug.

How to Make DIY Carpet Cleaner

Learn how to make a dry carpet cleaner to freshen and cleanse your home.

Photo by: Emily Fazio ©2016

Emily Fazio, 2016

10 Ways to Get Your Patio Ready for Summer Entertaining

See All Photos

Budget Outdoor Living Room Makeover

If your patio is the hub of many summer shindigs, take a look at fun, but practical backyard makeover to get ideas for sprucing up your outdoor living space. 

Start With a Rug

Just as an area rug can create a conversation area inside, it can do the same thing for a patio. Outdoor rugs come in tons of styles, colors and sizes. But, if you do not have a pool leading to wet feet on rugs you can use almost any type of rug outside. See how to turn a canvas drop cloth into an outdoor rug >>

Hanging Plants

Plants make everything more homey. Take a look at what type of plant will work best for your patio. If you are decorating a covered area you want plants that take shade and indirect light. Hanging baskets are a great option for west-facing patios and porches because they’ll provide extra shade in the late afternoon. This plant hanger was made inexpensively from upcycled t-shirts. Get the step-by-step instructions >>

Use Beach Towels for Seat Cushions

Sure you can buy ready-made outdoor sofa cushions, but you can also fairly easily make your own. Why not make them slipcovers so you can easily wash away popsicle drips and pina colada spills? On top of that, wouldn’t it be even better if the slipcover fabric was made from beach towels? Learn how to make beach-towel slipcovers >>

Mix Materials

Wood is not the only material on your porch that needs protecting. If you have metal furniture consider painting with rust-resistant paint. Many aerosol protective sprays will also work on plastic outdoor furniture such as fiberglass. Learn how to refinish metal furniture >>

Bring an Old Chair Back to Life

Don’t send those old-school folding lawn chairs to the landfill just yet. Use nylon craft cord to macrame them with a bold pattern or colorful design. Learn how to do it >>

Talking Plants

Give your flower pots personality with words. Use stick-on letters to create your message, paint over the pots then peel off the letters to reveal your saying. See the detailed instructions >>

Pineapple Planter

Give your patio a little tropical flare by growing a pineapple plant in a planter that looks like a pineapple. Pineapples are in the bromeliad family, so they’re quite hardy and will take root rather quickly. For the planter, a plain yellow pot was crisscrossed with black-patterned washi tape to make it look like a pineapple. Take a look at the step-by-step instructions >>

Add Lighting

Any outdoor area automatically looks better with string lights. Use cup hooks to hold your lights in place if you are stringing them along your house. If you are stringing the lights across a yard or over a pool, string rope first, then wrap the lights around the rope.  

Incorporate Storage

Consider outdoor storage - shelves, baskets and bins. If you are a pool owner with children keep a mesh bag full of pool toys, goggles and puddle jumpers handy. For the adults a collection of novelty sunglasses is always a big hit.

Make a Place to Set Your Drink Down

Make sure to have plenty of tables in your outdoor living area so your guests will have a place for snacks and drinks. You can buy furniture specific for the outdoors or you can take most indoor furniture outside with the right preventative measures. See how we refinished this rattan set so it can stand up to the elements >>

Add a Breeze

Consider installing outdoor ceiling fans. Fans not only help cool things off, the breeze can help keep mosquitoes away. Be sure to shop for fans that are rated outdoor. If you live in a particularly warm climate an upright oscillating fan might also be a good idea.

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