Quick April Fools' Day Pranks

Get into the spirit of the day and release your inner child with these fun April Fools' pranks.

A favorite holiday for children and for the young at heart, April Fools’ Day is the perfect opportunity to play some harmless, silly pranks on friends and family. We’ve polled some of our Made+Remade writers for their old reliable April Fools’ tricks.

glitter bomb

Glitter Bomb

Send someone a glitter filled note for a fun April Fools Day surprise.

Glitter Bomb!

All my friends and family live in different states, so long-distance pranks are my claim to fame. And since glitter is one of my passions, I like to fill an envelope full of the most obnoxious confetti I can find and send it off to my loved ones. Bonus points if you can arrange to get their reaction on camera.—Jessica Yonker

Snack Attack

milk and cookies

Cookies and Milk

Add gelatin to milk for a funny April Fools Day trick that turns the milk solid.

Photo by: Emily Fazio

Emily Fazio

Cookies and milk? Think again. Tease your kids with this anti-dunking gelatinous milk. Heat 1/2 cup of milk on the stovetop, mix in 1 packet of unflavored gelatin. Remove from heat and add an additional 1/2 cup of cold milk. Stir, transfer into individual glasses, and refrigerate until you're ready to serve this treat.—Emily Fazio

Pie, in the Sky

Delicious banana cream pie

Delicious banana cream pie

a gourmet banana cream pie with serving plates

Photo by: iStockphoto.com/MSPhotographic


For a great kid-friendly prank, place a blown up balloon into a cake pan or pie crust and cover completely with whipped cream. Then ask someone to cut it and watch as the "cake" pops all over them.—Jill Werderitch

Somebody's Watching You

googly eyes

Googly Eyes on Eggs

Looking for a fun April Fools Day prank to delight the family and/or roommates? Add googly eyes to eggs.

Photo by: Ellen Foord

Ellen Foord

I think one of the best in our house in recent years was the year I put googly eye stickers on everything in the fridge, pantry and medicine cabinet. Basically, every time my husband opened a door, he had a mess of eyes staring at him. His reaction was pretty priceless.—Ellen Foord

When Leprechauns Attack

green water

Green Potty Water

Add green food dye to the toilet water to surprise children on April Fools' Day.

Photo by: Melissa Caughey

Melissa Caughey

Before we go to bed at night, we put a couple of drops of green food coloring into every toilet in the house. The kids giggle when they go to the bathroom in the morning because it looks as though a leprechaun has used the toilets!—Melissa Caughey

Milk's Gone Bad!

green milk

Turning Milk Green

A few drops of green food coloring in the bottom of a glass turns white milk green.

Put a few drops of green food coloring in a drinking glass. Pour regular milk and watch it turn magically green as it fills the glass! Evil genius! I pulled this prank on my son when he was really little and the mix of amazement and doubt on his eyes was priceless. I’ll admit to feeling a little guilty about bamboozling my own child however, and broke the magician’s sacred oath, and revealed the source of my trick. —Felicia Feaster

green milk

Green Milk

Turn milk green by adding food coloring to the bottom of the glass.

Clean Freak

Bar of Soap on Small White Towel

Bathroom Soap Bar and Towel

Turkish-style towels and soap sit on the marble sink of Genevieve Gorder's remodeled bathroom, as seen on HGTV's "Genevieve's Renovation."

From: Genevieve Gorder

Photo by: Chris Amaral

Chris Amaral

The prank is that you paint a bar of soap with clear nail polish and let it dry. When someone goes to use it, they’ll be confused as to why it doesn’t become sudsy. This is a good way to test if kids are actually washing their hands when you tell them to before dinner/after using the restroom.—Laura James

Bombs Away



Shredded confetti

How to make shredded confetti.

Photo by: Ellen Foord

Ellen Foord

We’ve also set up confetti bombs that fall when a door is opened, which is as funny as a glitter bomb, but way easier to clean up.—Ellen Foord



Box of Confetti

Load a box with confetti and place it over a doorway. When a string is pulled, the confetti falls on your April Fools' Day victim!

Photo by: Ellen Foord

Ellen Foord


confetti bomb

Box With Sticker Affixed

Add a two-sided sticker to affix your confetti bomb above a doorway.

Photo by: Ellen Foord

Ellen Foord


confetti bomb

Glitter Bomb Over Door

Surprise someone with a glitter or confetti bomb placed over a doorway.

Photo by: Ellen Foord

Ellen Foord

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