7 Ways to Use Easter Bulbs

Grab pots of Easter bulbs for pretty displays—indoors and out.

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Wouldn’t it be nice to snap your fingers and have spring arrive on your doorstep? Pick up a few pots of forced spring bulbs, and you’ll have instant spring well in hand. Forced bulbs start sprouting in floral outlets in early spring, hitting a peak just in time for Easter.

Forced Daffodils In Paper Gift Bags Centerpiece

Narcissus In Gift Bags

Arrange an easy spring centerpiece by tucking pots of forced daffodils into paper gift bags. Place several bags on a platter, and accent with hollowed eggs, including blue Araucana chicken eggs.

Photo by: Wouter Koppen for iBulb.org

Wouter Koppen for iBulb.org

Look for pots of tulips, hyacinths, narcissus, crocus and other spring bloomers. These bulbs sport floral finery that doesn’t need a lot of staging to steal the spotlight. For a simple Easter centerpiece, slip pots of daffodils into paper gift bags and arrange with colored eggs on a favorite serving tray. Draw inspiration from our ideas and tips for displaying Easter bulbs.

Transplant Into Bowls

Forced Bulbs Purple Crocus

Purple Crocus in Bowls

Forced purple crocus bulbs sound a bright note of color when tucked into vintage thumbprint embossed bowls.

Photo by: W.H. Zandbergen for iBulb.org

W.H. Zandbergen for iBulb.org

Small bulbs like crocus, miniature iris or glory-of-the-snow fit neatly into favorite dishes, like these vintage thumbprint embossed bowls. Mix and match bulb blooms and bowl colors for a festive springtime show. Add a layer of river rock to the base of bowls to create a drainage area for watering. Take care not to overwater bulbs. Cover the soil surface with moss, and you won’t need to water as often. 

Showcase Roots

Forced Bulbs

Forced Scilla Bulbs In Weck Canning Jars

Forced scilla bulbs make an eye-catching centerpiece when tucked into Weck canning jars.

Photo by: Wouter Koppen for iBulb.org

Wouter Koppen for iBulb.org

Slip bulbs out of pots and slide the soil ball into a glass container to put roots on full display. Scilla looks smart in Weck canning jars, which are a just-right size for place setting accents at Easter dinner. Bulbs displayed out of pots need watering more often because the exposed soil dries out quickly. Dribble water gingerly onto the top of soil to avoid disintegrating the pot shape.

Lose the Pots

Spring Dish Garden With Forced Bulbs Daffodils

Forced Narcissus Bulbs In Shallow Bowl

Slip forced Narcissus bulbs out of their pots and arrange in a shallow bowl to arrange a living bouquet that looks good indoors or out.

Photo by: Wouter Koppen for iBulb.org

Wouter Koppen for iBulb.org

Design a sculptural coffee table accent that’s a simple two-step process: Slide forced daffodils out of their pots, and arrange the root balls shoulder-to-shoulder in a shallow bowl. Water plants a few hours before removing them from pots. The easiest way to water the assembled display is to pour a small amount of water into the bowl so soil can absorb it.

Stage a Grand Entrance

Forced Narcissus And Grape Hyacinths

Forced Spring Bulbs

A trio of galvanized wall planters burst into bloom when filled with forced spring bulbs, including narcissus and grape hyacinths.

Photo by: Wouter Koppen for iBulb.org

Wouter Koppen for iBulb.org

For a stunning outdoor display, tuck several pots of forced spring bulbs into larger containers. Easter bulbs look inviting in galvanized wall planters. For a full arrangement, place taller bulbs like daffodils in back and shorter bloomers like grape hyacinths in front.

Fill Patio Pots

Forced Bulbs Hyacinthus Orientalis And Tulips

Forced Dutch Hyacinths And Tulips

Plant forced spring bulbs into outdoor containers for a ready-made garden.

Photo by: Wouter Koppen for iBulb.org

Wouter Koppen for iBulb.org

Don’t underestimate the power of a monochromatic display. White tulips and Dutch hyacinths lend an elegant air to any setting. If you plan to transplant forced bulbs into patio planters, acclimate the bulbs to outdoor conditions before planting. To do this, sit bulbs outdoors for a few hours each day for three to four days prior to planting, gradually increasing the time daily. Bulbs grow best if overnight temps hover in the upper 30s or higher.

Plant Bulbs in Beds

Forced Bicolor Tulip

Forced Bicolor Tulip Planted In Ground

Create an instant spring garden by tucking forced tulips bulbs into planting beds.

Photo by: Wouter Koppen for iBulb.org

Wouter Koppen for iBulb.org

Use pots of Easter bulbs to transform your favorite yard view into a picture-perfect spring scene by planting bulbs into existing soil. Remember to water well after planting. You can also use potted bulbs to fill in holes in existing in-ground bulb plantings. Bulbs like tulips probably won’t return next year, but Dutch and grape hyacinths, crocus, daffodils and scilla should. To improve the bulbs’ odds of returning, let leaves mature and die naturally.

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