6 Creative Ways to Freshen Up Your Front Porch (On a Budget!)

Get that dreamy curb appeal without dropping an entire paycheck.

When it comes to transforming any space, the little things can go a long way. It’s no different for your front porch. There are plenty of ways to liven up your home’s exterior without breaking the bank. Here are seven creative ways to jazz up your front porch so when you come home after a long day of work, you’re excited to walk through that front door. 

Go Gray

Go Gray

A gracious front entrance is flanked by lofted beams and new siding in variations of charcoal gray.

Photo by: Sarah Dorio

Sarah Dorio

1. Paint the Door  

Let's start with the front door: it's typically the first thing the eye is drawn to when looking at a home's front exterior. That's why painting it is an easy and affordable way to instantly add some character. Go for a bold color, or give it a fresh coat of paint. Get tips and tricks on painting a front door here

Home Exterior With Blue Front Door

Home Exterior With Blue Front Door

A front entrance of a home with a blue door, yellow siding, and a flowerpot in daytime.

Photo by: iStock/David Papazian

iStock/David Papazian

Fresh Front Door Color Ideas

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Bright Blue

Symmetrical homes evoke a sense of formality, elegance and heritage. This blue door spotlights the architecture so the siding doesn't completely fade into its surroundings. Use Valspar's Lake Breeze to achieve this blue beauty.

Photo By: Valspar

Green Light

According to Feng Shui principles, you can’t go wrong with green, the color of balance and renewal. Don’t worry that it will blend in with your landscaping — using green can actually draw out the different shades that are found naturally in your yard. The saturated hue shown is Behr’s Precious Emerald.


Unique Coral

You might think coral pink would be a tough color to pull off, but it looks right at home paired with a pale cream brick. Photographer and licensed contractor Brittany Bailey loves unique front door colors, which is why she photographed this pinkish-orange door, which is a good companion for any neutral siding color.

©Brittany Bailey

Easy on the Eyes

This cool grayish-blue (Behr’s Oslo Blue) makes a great complementary pairing with the warm neutral palette of the surrounding house. The color also echoes the soft blues on the stone porch.


A Slice of Lime

It's hard to resist painting a contemporary door a vibrant shade, like this delicious Overt Green by Sherwin-Williams. The simplicity of the door — which isn't interrupted with panels, windows or other details — acts as a great blank canvas to apply a bold citrusy color.

Grape Expectations

DIY blogger Brittany Bailey (prettyhandygirl.com) knows a thing or two about home improvement, but for this project, she didn’t have to lift a finger. She inherited this purple front door from the previous owners of her home and decided to keep it as is. The color, unique to Bailey’s neighborhood, pops against white trim and also picks up the color in the mosaic tile on the brick porch.

©Brittany Bailey

Spicing Things Up

A photo in a magazine inspired decor blogger Korrie Bastian (redhenhome.blogspot.com) to paint her front door a warm orange. The tasty pumpkin-pie color is Behr’s Maple Leaf.

©Korrie Bastian

Cool Turquoise

Inspired by an antique cabinet she saw, Beyond the Screen Door blogger and designer Sonya Hamilton painted her own front door a brilliant blue-green and applied a glaze to get an antique effect. This color is Sherwin-Williams Nifty Turquoise.

Raisin Purple

This earthy color palette is warm and inviting, but it's the brownish-purple front door that really makes it happen. Use Sherwin Williams' Raisin to pull off this look.

Photo By: Sherwin Williams

Elegant Indigo

A Victorian home is a license to indulge in brilliant paint and trim choices. "This style of architecture has so much detail that it takes a dark or bold color to draw your attention to the front door as a focal point," says Jackie Jordan, Director of Color Marketing for Sherwin-Williams. This shade, Sherwin-Williams Indigo, harmonizes with the copper trim above and the brass hardware and kickplate below.

Cheerful Yellow

If your home's traditional exterior needs a boost of style, spruce it up with a sunny yellow front door. Try Behr's Solar Energy to add that beautiful dose of curb appeal.

Sea Blue

A saturated shade of blue accentuates the gorgeous elliptical door and adds a shot of personality to this traditional two-toned house. The paint color shown is Sherwin-Williams' Regatta.

Photo By: © Royalty-Free/Corbis

Energetic Orange

The color orange is associated with vibrant energy, according to award-winning designer Lori Dennis, ASID. For that reason, orange can be hard to pull off — but pairing it with a cool gray exterior keeps the mood balanced and bright.

Elegant Navy

This traditional front door is painted deep navy Behr's Deep Breath to complement the slate-gray wood-shingle siding and white trim.

Photo By: Behr

Muted Oak

If you have a Craftsman-style home, you'll want the intricate architectural details to stand out. With a rich wood color like Sherwin-Williams' Cut the Mustard, your front door will complement your home's design instead of taking away the spotlight.

Photo By: Frontier Group ©Photographed by Frontier Group

Soft Grape

Purple is a dual-meaning color: It can be thought of as regal and sophisticated as well as groovy and whimsical. This purple door is both. It's classy and elegant and totally hip at the same time. Image courtesy of Behr.

Nature's Tones

Many Victorian homes showcase an explosion of colors in their exterior paint schemes. Not your style? Keep it soothing and simple with muted siding and a natural door color like Behr's Royal Liqueur.

Photo By: Behr

Statley Red

The strong ocean blue trim and bright red door complement the historic feel of this home without imparting an ounce of stuffiness. Image courtesy of Behr.


Your front door color doesn’t have to be high-contrast to be beautiful, especially if your house is already a distinctive color. This door — painted in Behr’s Tuscany Hillside — deepens the effect of the green siding without making the look too busy.


Black Ink

There's just something about a glossy black door — it's elegant, bold and impossible to ignore. But it makes an even bigger statement with the right trim. Here, the black entrance door of this historic home is enhanced with accents of olive green, cream and red. Image courtesy of Behr Paints.

Sky Blue

This sky-blue door paired with a cloud gray roof is a great way to add some color to a traditional white colonial home. This fun hue is Benjamin Moore's Cool Blue.

Photo By: Benjamin Moore

Minty Fresh

This confection of a front door was snapped by DIY blogger Brittany Bailey (prettyhandygirl.com) on a neighborhood stroll. The pale Jordan-almond color is a close match, she suggests, for the Sherwin-Williams shade Aqua Tint.

©Brittany Bailey

Rustic Red

This eye-catching traditional exterior is rooted in its landscape with an earthy palette. The rustic red door and matching shutters stand out against the muted hues, bringing a warm, sun-baked look to this home. Try Sherwin-Williams' Rustic Red to pull this look together.

Photo By: Sherwin-Williams

Bold Blue

Got a stodgy brick facade on your hands? An electric-blue front door will certainly breathe some life into the picture — and knock your neighbors’ socks off. DIY blogger Brittany Bailey (prettyhandygirl.com) spotted this one on vacation in the United Kingdom.

©Brittany Bailey

Put It in Neutral

If your house has a neutral color palette and you’re squeamish about bright hues — not everyone can handle a candy-apple red or a neon green front door — try a paint color that is also neutral but has the opposite “temperature.” That is, choose a warm door to go with a cool house or vice versa. Here, taupe siding with warm yellow undertones is nicely complemented by a charcoal gray with a cool-bluish tone.

©Sherwin Williams

Radiant Red

There’s nothing like a traditional white, country home with a large porch. A radiant red front door (Benjamin Moore's Caliente) provides a fun dose of personality with a modern twist.

Photo By: Benjamin Moore

Butter Yellow

This home takes a cue from its woodland setting with a cool color palette. The pastel yellow door (Behr's Marsh Marigold) adds a warm and welcoming feel without taking away from the calm and serene vibe.

Photo By: Behr

“M” Is for “Marvelous”

If you’re going to paint your front door, why not go all out? Lifestyle blogger Jill McKee, who dishes on DIY home decor at meandjilly.blogspot.com, gave her door a much-needed makeover with a strip of crown molding and a can of Benjamin Moore's Iron Mountain. Then she took it up a notch by painting a houndstooth pattern on a papier-mache “M” in a lighter shade of gray, distressing it with sandpaper and attaching it to the door to achieve the final look.

©Jill McKee

Eye Candy

Everybody knows and loves the classic red front door — but the shade people usually pick is cranberry, which has blue undertones. To turn the temperature up a notch, push your red towards orange instead. As shown here, it makes a totally unexpected but satisfying pairing with the weathered brick.

©Sherwin Williams

Powder Blue Meets Stripes

Blogger Ellen Mallernee Barnes (blackandwhiteandlovedallover.com) got so inspired while she was painting her front door blue — that’s Benjamin Moore’s Wythe Blue — that she decided to go all out with porch stripes. Those colors are from Sherwin-Williams' Perfect Greige and Antique Ivory. “It turned out so fun and bright,” Barnes says. “I love pulling into my driveway now.”

©Ellen Mallernee Barnes

Blush Red

This blush-red door stands out against the neat, clean look of the creamy white trim and sage green siding. Sherwin Williams' Flower Pot was used on the door for contrast.

Photo By: Sherwin Williams

Dark Chocolate

High-contrast landscapes call for high-contrast color palettes. This desert ranch stays cool with a white exterior and an accent of chocolate brown trim and door. The beauty of this color combo? Any accent color can be chosen for outdoor furniture and decorations. Use Behr's Divine Wine to achieve this look.

Photo By: Behr

Blue Lake

Spruce up a modern home by painting the front door and the porch similar colors in the same color family. Here, Benjamin Moore's Blue Lake door works perfectly with the grayish blue floor and dark brown trim.

Photo By: Benjamin Moore

Candy Red

A red front door may seem awfully dramatic when you're looking at paint swatches, but don't fear it. Red is such a popular way to add interest to a neutral exterior that it's now considered a classic choice. This shade, Behr's Licorice Stick, is a source of energy and an instant cure for "the taupes."

Sunny Yellow

Cass, blogger from That Old House, describes the hue of her front door as "summer squash yellow." It's actually Benjamin Moore's Imperial Yellow, which pops out like a happy surprise from behind the charcoal-colored screen door frame and trim.

Cotton White

Make the entrance of your home stand out from its surroundings by keeping it neutral. This traditional home's soft pine-green base pops with an accent of sky blue and an understated creamy white door (Behr's Twinkling Lights).

Photo By: Behr

One of a Kind

Interior designer Lucy Williams paired one of her clients with a custom millwork company to build this fabulous wood door. The intense turquoise color makes a strong statement against the soft-yellow brick, especially flanked by mirror-backed lanterns.

©Lucy Williams

The Flip Side

Don’t be afraid to commit to a front door color just because it won’t work in your living room! The turquoise door shown in the previous photo was painted white on the reverse side to keep the foyer calm and neutral.

©Lucy Williams

Eye-Catching Cinnamon

A modern beach house warms in the sun with its custard-yellow siding and a cinnamon-stick front door (Behr's Artisan). Pure white accents on the windows contribute to the crisp and clean vibe.

Photo By: Behr

Classic Red

You can’t miss with a blue-toned red, which is so ubiquitous it’s practically a neutral these days. Shown is Behr’s Morocco Red — it’s like a cherry on top of the vanilla siding sundae.

Burst of Sunshine

You just can’t sustain a bad mood in the presence of a bright yellow door. This one, which belongs to blogger Erin Loechner, is set off by charcoal-gray shake siding and a decal applied to the glass sidelight that says sweetly, “Hello.”

Accents for Blending

When you add a reddish-brown front door to a Spanish-style stucco home, you make a statement while at the same time allowing the accent color to elegantly blend in with its surroundings. Sherwin Williams' Cavern Clay is shown here.

Photo By: Sherwin Williams

2. Add Porch Drapes

I love the instant change a set of outdoor curtains can make to a porch. It's a great way to add visual interest and in this case, a lot of color. If your porch allows for a seating area, curtains can offer privacy and shade for the days when you want to curl up with a good book.

Patio With Red Curtains, Pink Accessories & Outdoor Daybed

Vibrant Outdoor Space With Hanging Daybed and Draperies

Quick and easy updates brought springtime charm to the covered deck of the 2015 HGTV Spring House.

Photo by: Flynnside Out Productions

Flynnside Out Productions

3. Update Your House Numbers 

Here's a cheap, easy and fun way too add a little spunk to your home's front porch. Freshen up the exterior with new house numbers. Explore all the options and pick or mix-and-match a set of exciting numbers. Don't feel confined to placing them on your wall or mailbox! Hang them on a planter box and add plants for a fresh look. 

Modern Seattle Courtyard with Metal Planter and Concrete Wall

Modern Seattle Courtyard with Metal Planter and Concrete Wall

A metal planter displays the house number just outside this modern courtyard. Drought-resistant plants fill the rustic container, which accents the contemporary concrete wall that separates the patio from the street.

Photo by: Coreen Schmidt Photography

Coreen Schmidt Photography

House Number Ideas

See All Photos

Moss-Covered House Numbers

Add color and an organic vibe to your house with numbers made from pressure-treated plywood and sheet moss. See how easy they are to make >>

Photo By: Rustic White Photography, LLC

Dual Purpose Planter Box and House Numbers

Add curb appeal by building a brightly colored planter box that also identifies the home's street address. Get the step-by-step instructions >>

Wall Planter

A metal planter displays the house number just outside this modern courtyard. Drought-resistant plants fill the rustic container, which accents the contemporary concrete wall that separates the patio from the street.

Photo By: Coreen Schmidt Photography

Oar Inspiring

Krista from the Happy Housie blog upcycled an old boat paddle into a nautical-inspired way to display her house number. 

Photo By: Krista Aasen

Upcycled Wine Bottles

A variety of wine bottles were melted down flat then adored with numbers. Project by Glass With a Past

Photo By: Jodi McRaney Rusho

Fishing Cottage

Joan from Scavenger Chic made her house numbers using upcycled pallet wood, rope and driftwood. Create a silhouette that matches your home's style and use it to display your number.  

Photo By: Scavenger Chic

Concrete Retaining Wall

This house is easily identified by its large numbers that were cleverly embossed into the wall that seperates the lawn from the sidewalk. 

On the Softer Side

These homeowners opted to use a throw pillow to display their number. 

DIY Cement Board

Heavy-duty cement board is long-lasting, affordable and you can make them in any font you wish. See how it's done >>

Photo By: Emily Fazio

Orange Door and Numbers

Matching the house numbers to the door makes both elements stand out and makes a fun statement. The color orange is associated with vibrant energy, according to award-winning designer Lori Dennis, ASID. 

Stained Glass Transom

The entrance of this historic home is identified by a pretty stained-glass transom window above the glossy black door. Image courtesy of Behr Paints.

4. Flourish With Flora 

Get creative with your plants and flowers. While the flower pot route is a great one, and I highly recommend adding them around the porch, get creative with your flower containers. Use pitchers, wheelbarrows, old cans and sprinkle them throughout the exterior. It is an easy way to bring life and color to the front of your home. Check out fresh and fun DIY planter ideas here

Front Porch Holiday Decor

Clever Vessels

Interior designers arrange objects with a range of heights and widths to keep the overall look balanced. To add height to potted evergreens or planted winter floral, try placing vessels on top of vintage stands, chairs or stools.

Photo by: Flynnside Out Productions

Flynnside Out Productions

5. Create a Seating Space 

If your front porch has the space for one, consider adding a small seating area outside for entertaining. Patio furniture can get a little pricey, but there are some great steals at estate sales that would be perfect DIY projects. Add benches, chairs, tables and an outdoor rug to cozy up the space. 

Front Porch With White Bench and Rustic Table

Front Porch Sitting Area With White Bench and Rustic Table

A white bench, cozy cushions and rustic industrial coffee table set an inviting home on the front porch of this ranch home remodeled by the Rafterhouse team on HGTV.

From: Rafterhouse

6. Install a Porch Swing 

It's the classic front porch element and you should definitely have one if you have the place for it! This is on the higher end of the budget but it can make a big difference with a few pillows and a cushion, so it's worth considering. Learn how to install a porch swing here

White Porch Swing With Colorful Patterned Pillows

Vibrant Color and Pattern Enliven Classic Porch

Bold patterns and vivid colors bring life and personality to this charming front porch. A white swing is adorned with pillows for ultimate comfort, and yellow ottomans serve multiple functions as foot rests, coffee tables or extra seating.

Photo by: D2 Interieurs

D2 Interieurs

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