5 Uses for Tomatoes Besides Eating Them

Just when you thought the tomato couldn't get any better.

By: Ryan Reed

One of our favorite things about summer is the arrival of tomatoes and while there’s no shortage of dishes you can prepare with them, what happens if you end up with too many? It does happen from time to time. Instead of making another batch of fried green tomatoes, try putting summer’s tastiest fruit to good use with these unconventional tips.

1. Face Scrub

The thought of putting tomatoes on your face might seem strange and kind of gross at first but hear us out. Tomatoes are packed full of vitamins that are beneficial to your body and can help treat oily skin, acne and wrinkles. There are many DIY mixtures that target specific skin issues but a tomato-based scrub can be as simple as slicing a tomato and covering the exposed part with granulated sugar.

Disclaimer: Always consult a dermatologist first before starting any skin treatment.

2. Sunburn Relief

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As if treating acne and wrinkles wasn’t enough, tomatoes can also be used to cool sunburned skin. Some studies suggest that having a tomato-rich diet could help prevent sunburn (along with using sunscreen) but you can also apply it directly to your skin to relieve pain. Lay sliced tomatoes on the damaged area or extract the juice and apply. You can also combine tomato purée with Greek yogurt, which is known to restore damaged skin.

3. Clean Copper Pots

This one requires a little bit of extra work but it definitely gets the job done. Take your extra tomatoes and cook them down into a paste (or you can use ketchup). Once you have a decent amount, apply the paste to your copper pots with a cloth and scrub until the cookware’s original shine is restored. No need for expensive cleaners full of chemicals. And it turns out that both ketchup and tomato juice can also be used to clean brass, a process you can ready about here.

4. Create a Centerpiece

Hosting an Italian-style dinner party or a farmhouse-themed picnic? Try adding fresh tomatoes to your centerpiece to create a rustic, yet opulent tablescape. Whether you decide to keep the tomatoes on the vine, combine with flowers, or leave them sitting in a berry basket, the possibilities are endless. For more on flower arrangements featuring edibles, check out this gallery.

5. Make a Fashion Statement

You might think real tomato jewelry is impossible because it will spoil but there is a way. I first discovered Real Fruit Jewelry on Etsy where artist Zoe Einbinder specializes in preserving fruit and creating stunning pieces of jewelry. Unfortunately, there are no pieces for sale currently but you can always try to make your own following these step-by-step instructions.

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