Creative Genius: Blair Stocker, Author of Wise Craft

Get to know more about author and expert crafter, Blair Stocker.

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Oh, such a crafty day! I’m really excited to be introducing you to Blair Stocker, author of Wise Craft the book, and Wise Craft Handmade, the website. There’s a chance you’ve already “met” Blair in your own crafting and blog-reading adventures (she’s been a contributor to numerous online websites and printed magazines), but if you haven’t, we’re thrilled to be making the introduction. She’s a total creative genius.

Blair’s the quintessential crafter, and like many of us, has always been creatively inspired. She’s passionate about thrift store finds, upcycling, and making her home a practical and beautiful space. Her projects are relatable, and her skills and creativity runneth broad. She’s a quilt maker in the way so many of us aspire to be, and an inspired home-decor creator with an eye for making the most of thrifted treasures. And because Wise Craft is filled with all of that goodness, you’ll want to brew a cup of hot tea and bury yourself right in.

Sometimes you’ll open a craft book and feel as though the projects are unattainable and way over your skill level, but from Page 1, you’ll be inspired by her story and her creations, and be guided through the project step-by-steps with the perfect level of encouragement. There’s something for everyone, and great guidance for all. For example, Wise Craft encompasses all types of sewing and fabric projects, from making an elaborate Avalon quilt, to rain boot warmers and hand-loomed place mats, and while the projects may take between 1 hour or 10 days to complete, they are all beautiful and practical and have I said already how much I want all of them in my home? If not, yes. All of them. I want to make all of them. Especially this chair.

Wise Craft interior mex.indd

Wise Craft interior mex.indd

Photo by: charleskaszytski


Having had the chance to speak with Blair, it’s evident how much her creative spirit has dictated the path she’s taken in life. She’s made a big name for herself in speaking engagements and hosting workshops, inspiring crafters, DIYers and hobbyists alike.

Many of the projects in the book reflect upon the opportunity of working with natural objects, like flowers, pebbles and beach glass, and the most inspired paperweights I’ve ever seen, in the form of leather-covered rocks.

Wise Craft interior mex.indd

Wise Craft interior mex.indd

Photo by: charleskaszytski


I’d be hard pressed to find any project in her book that I’m not inspired to try myself at home (even zombie Barbies, yes, my daughter would adore them forever). One of my favorites is her giant cross-stitched tree made of pegboard, white paint, and assorted yarns. Not only would it be a great solution to decorating for the Christmas season in a small space, but a spirit-filled, standalone decoration for any home.

Wise Craft interior mex.indd

Wise Craft interior mex.indd

Photo by: charleskaszytski


If you’re inspired, and want to get to know Blair better, visit her websitesign up for her newsletter, and buy her wonderful book.

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