#WineWednesday: Wine Lover's Gift Guide

Know an oenophile (wine aficionado) who is hard to shop for? Take a look at these unique gifts.

Not sure what to get the wine lover in your life this holiday season? We've got an array of gifts for every price range and every taste. 

White Wine Eye Chart

A bottle of white wine serves as a backdrop for what appears to be an eye chart. In reality, it neatly spells out different varietals of white wine. Comes in three sizes with an alder wood frame from Pottery Barn, $59 – $199. 

Magnetic Wine Charms

When the drinks start flowing at your holiday party, avoid the wine-glass-mix-ups with these handy magnetic wine charms. The charms attach through the glass and are very strong so there is no movement. The Simply Charmed sets come in a variety of themes for every season or occasion. Prices range from $16-$28 at Wines With Charm

Wine Bag

Happy hour hits the road in this fashionable tote. Designed to discreetly hold a boxed wine bag, this multi-purpose tote also comes with its own dispensing bag, so you can take any libation to go. The bag also has plenty of room for your wallet, phone, travel cups and snacks. The tote retails for $129 and a set of three replacement bags is $20 at UncommonGoods.

Stay at a Winery

Take your wine-lover friend on an overnight stay at a winery. There are many wineries across the country that have guesthouses, bed-and-breakfasts and gourmet restaurants on their premises. Most include vine-to-wine tours and may also include lessons in oenology, culinary classes and a trip to the on-site spa. Take a look at these stay-and-sip locations

Chill It Instantly

The HyperChiller allows you to cool wine and spirits to the perfect temperature in as little as one minute without your drink ever getting watered down with ice. The simple multi-chamber design exposes your beverage to the equivalent of over 30 large ice cubes, but your beverage is protected by two layers of stainless steel so there's no dilution in the process of cooling. The HyperChiller is $30 and works great for making iced coffee too. 

Wine and Beer Lollipops

Candy meets wine in these gourmet lollipops. Made with real wine, the lollies come in merlot or cabernet flavors as well as beer varieties like stout, ale and lager. If you’re feeling really handy, learn how to make your own wine lollipops. $13 for a six-pack or $2.49 each at Kegworks.

Wine Pairing Tea Towels

Uncork an encyclopedic knowledge and dry your hands at the same time. These easy-to-follow organic cotton tea towels are perfect for those new to the world of wine but comprehensive enough to please the palate of any seasoned wine lover. Each towel covers 68 popular wines, with each one rated against 56 different foods; that makes 3,808 possible pairings. A set of two towels retails for $28 at UncommonGoods.

Wine Trivia Game

Photo by: gaby


At your next party, try this fascinating trivia game that tests your knowledge of the fruit of the vine. Players answer questions in categories such as Vine to Vino (growing grapes, making wine and world production), Wine Cellar (selecting, storing and tasting wine), and Cork Culture (wine people, business and trivia). Perfect for those new to the world of wine, but challenging enough for the devoted oenophile. Wine Trivia sells for $20 at UncommonGoods

Countertop Wine Dispenser

Turn your wine box into an elegant wine bar that keeps your beverage fresh for up to six weeks. The dispenser applies upward internal pressure to serve the wine above your glass, rather than from the counter edge as with gravity-fed wine in the box. It also gets the last pour of wine out of the bag, so there's no fumbling with tipping the box or squeezing the bag. The dispenser is available at UncommonGoods for $100.

Wine T-Shirts

Photo by: jmcgilvray


Share a laugh or two with your wine buddies with one of these funny shirts. Ugly Christmas Sweatshirt $25; May Contain Wine and Yoga Shirts $19 each; Otzi Shirts

Will Run For Wine $22; Brewershirts

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