6 Ways to Celebrate National Beer Day April 7

Don't let this day pass you by. Here are some fun ways to commemorate National Beer Day. 

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Happy National Beer Day! This is not just another made up holiday created as an excuse to throw back a few pints. The April 7 observance marks the beginning of the end of prohibition. On this day in 1933, states were once-again permitted to sell low-alcohol beer and wine. Prohibition took effect in 1920, so April 7, 1933 was the first time in 13 years that people could legally imbibe again. Yeah, that’s a cause for celebration. Prohibition (the 21st Amendment) was completely ratified in December of that year; that’s when you could start buying the hard stuff. 



Light beer and wheat near brick wall

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Lucky for us April 7 falls on a Friday this year so you can celebrate National Beer Day all weekend. Here are several ways to mark the 84th anniversary of this significant event.

1. Throw a Party
The most obvious way to celebrate? Throw a party and play some games. Whether it’s BYOB or you are springing for a keg, you need to provide some activities at your party. Ideally you’ll want games that can be played with a beer in-hand. Try corn hole, horseshoes, ring toss or bocce, here are some more ideas >>

Games You Can Play With a Beer in Your Hand

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As seen on Vacation House For Free, Matt Blashaw (Host) enjoys a quick game of horseshoes in the backyard in between filming. (behind-the-scenes)

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2. Try a Beer You've Never Tried Before
Back in 1933, they basically had lager, lager and more lager. Today we are fortunate to have a huge variety of beer available to us. To host a beer tasting, purchase different types of beers—ales, stouts, saisons, etc.—and invite a few friends over to try each one. Get some small beer glasses (a.k.a. - flights) for sampling. But, if you’re going to pour a full beer, know that each variety should be served in the proper glassware to get the most out of its unique flavor. 

Which Beer to Put in What Glass?

Avoid a social faux pas, learn the right type of glass to serve each variety of beer. 

3. Make Beer Popsicles
If you like your beer really, really cold, try your hand at making beer popsicles. Just be sure to keep them separate from the kids’ popsicles. 

Beer Popsicle: The Ultimate Cold Beer

Ever had a Guiness creamsicle or a Corona lime pop?

4. Plant a Beer Garden
Unfortunately, beer doesn’t grow on trees. But you can use old beer bottles to help your hops grow tall. Fill a container with hops and a variety of herbs—if you’re a homebrewer, pick your secret ingredients—then use three old bottles to hold up a trellis for the hops. Your beer garden container will make a great summer centerpiece (as well as a conversation piece) for your patio or deck. 

Beer Makers' Garden

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5. Clean Teak Furniture
If you don’t imbibe you can still celebrate National Beer Day. Did you know you can use beer to clean teak furniture? Gardeners know beer is a great way to get rid of slugs and it can help repair brown spots in your yard. Check out these additional uses for beer that don’t involve drinking >>

5 Handy Uses for Beer (That Don’t Involve Drinking)

Find out how you can use beer in the shower, garden and on your carpet. 

6. Cook With Beer
Beer is not just for drinking, it’s also for eating. Beer is a great addition to many recipes. Not only does it add great flavor to many savory dishes, it can also keep meats and baked goods moist without having to use high-fat oils. Check out the list of our favorite beer recipes below.

Most important thing to do on National Beer Day? Get a designated driver and drink responsibly. 

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