DIY Headboards: 53 Original Ideas for Easy Style

Make over a bedroom with one simple project — a DIY headboard. Find more than 50 easy ideas in a variety of styles and shapes.
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Picket Fence Headboard

15 Easy DIY Headboard: Picket Fence

This rustic-chic headboard was made from an old picket fence. The pickets were cut up into small pieces, cleaned and then refinished in a few different stains. Then the pieces were fitted into a frame made from more weathered lumber.

Photo by: Susan Teare ©Joanne Palmisano

Susan Teare, Joanne Palmisano

This is hard to believe now, but for too many years, the only headboard project we featured on was made from chain-link. It's still here, with a cult following, even rumored to have been tweeted by an edgy celebrity highlighting, ahem, alternative styling rather than the original design, which was for a boy's room.Recent years have seen a sea change in headboard projects, videos, styles and options. And with the upcoming holidays bringing bedrooms and guest rooms into focus, why not take the opportunity to build the headboard you've been wanting (or at least steal the look)?

Budget-Friendly Headboards

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Decal Dreams

A decal is one budget-friendly way to add style to the head of your bed. Rate My Space contributor dodi used the decal as inspiration for the room's design.

Low-Cost Luan

Designer Kara Paslay made this headboard from a thin piece of stained luan for this small bedroom. She adorned the luan with spray-painted painter's tape in a geometric motif. The look is great for dorm rooms or guest bedrooms.

Whimsical Silhouette

A do-it-yourself headboard is the best way to get a one-of-a-kind look without the cost. Designer Maureen Toribio used some wood, chalkboard paint, primer and a handmade stencil to create this whimsical headboard. The silhouette adds a youthful touch and the chalkboard allows for fun and creativity. Silhouette image courtesy of Susie Harrington of Petite Prints.


Behind Closed Doors

Rate My Space contributor fleamarkettrixie loves to reuse items she has around the house. She used old closet doors and a settee to make this truly vintage headboard.

Vintage Textiles

A great, simple way to personalize a standard white headboard is by using vintage textiles. In this bedroom, designer Jennifer Jones used a kilim rug down the center of the headboard to add pattern and to reference the client's love of travel.

Color Happy

When choosing a headboard, pick one bright color as your inspiration. Rate My Space contributor sford used yellow, black and white pieces of fabric and old frames to create a fun, dramatic effect in her bedroom.

Elegant Alternative

Hanging artwork behind the bed is an elegant alternative to getting an expensive headboard. Designer Andreas Charalambous adds the artwork as the sole source of color in this bedroom.

Chalkboard Frame

A headboard doesn't have to span the entire width of the bed. Designer Melaine Thompson painted an old round frame to match the four-poster bed then painted a piece of wood with chalkboard paint. This budget-friendly headboard allows the mind to be creative by being able to write different messages.

Two-Tone Plywood

Designer Nicole Potter uses a two-tone, oversize plywood headboard as an inexpensive way to create warmth and drama in this room. The darker wood frames the headboard giving it a defined look. The recessed light creates a calming effect.

Photo By: unknown

Wallpaper Magic

Give an ordinary headboard an extra flair with a little wallpaper, paint and glaze. Designer Kara Paslay used a roll of paintable wallpaper along with hanging wall decor to create this unique, inexpensive look.

Glamour on a Budget

Rate My Space contributor Tendenza Fl was on a small budget when designing this Hollywood-style guest bedroom. To save money, she chose to skip out on buying a headboard. However, she was able to add this glamorous design with some painter's tape and a bold paint color.

If price is your main concern, but you still want projects that are fun to put together with original styles, then look no further than below, where tree branches, reclaimed wood and even T-shirts can be converted into conversation pieces — explaining why this headboard gallery is also our most popular.

Easy-to-Make Headboards

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Sweet Dreams

Old picture frames and salvaged lumber were turned into a personalized headboard for a little girl's bedroom. "Sweet dreams" was spelled out and each letter was embellished with flowers. Create your own personalized message or spell out your child's name.

Photo By: Susan Teare ©Joanne Palmisano

Fireplace Mantel Headboard

This vintage-chic headboard was made from an old fireplace mantel with a tufted upholstered insert.

Photo By: Frank Murray

Picket Fence

This rustic-chic headboard was made from an old picket fence. The pickets were cut up into small pieces, cleaned and then refinished in a few different stains. Then the pieces were fitted into a frame made from more weathered lumber.

Photo By: Susan Teare ©Joanne Palmisano

It's Not Metal

This industrial-style headboard is made out of PVC pipes that were painted silver. Twine was strung between the pipes, then clothespins were added to display vintage postcards. The next photo shows another version of this same headboard.

Photo By: Susan Teare ©Design by Joanne Palmissano, Photo by Susan Teare

Sail Off to Sleep

PVC pipes painted silver make this bed frame look like metal. A piece of a boat sail is stretched across the frame thanks to the addition of grommets and rope.

Photo By: Susan Teare ©Susan Teare

He Wishes It Was His Bed

The slatted headboard on this platform bed leans back just enough to make it very easy to sit up and read or watch TV in bed.

©Design by Chris Hill

Cottage Style

We modeled this headboard from one we saw in a popular home-decor catalog. It is very simple to build — standard-size lumber is fastened to a large piece of plywood, then the whole piece is painted white.

©Design by Michelle Scheibe

Statuesque and Upholstered

Create a dramatic focal point by bringing your headboard up to the ceiling.

©Design by Janell Beals

Photo Frame Headboard

Salvaged planks are lined up to make a headboard with a family photo mounted in the center. The photo can easily be swapped out to match decor changes.

Photo By: Susan Teare ©Design by Joanne Palmissano, Photo by Susan Teare

Rustic Style

This wooden headboard was made using basic tongue-and-groove construction. We distressed it, then gave it a weathered barn-wood finish, but it could be painted or stained any color.

©Design by Chris Hill

Enchanted Forest

To make this pretty girls' bed, an old thrift store headboard was painted white. Then branches were also painted white and attached to the headboard. The branches were then adorned with pretty birds, ribbons and glitter.

Photo By: Susan Teare ©Design by Joanne Palmissano, Photo by Susan Teare

Twinkle, Twinkle

Holiday lights are used to create a built-in night-light in a little boy's bedroom. Glow-in-the-dark stars accompany the moonlight for some extra sparkle.

©Design by Joanne Palmissano, Photo by Susan Teare

T-Shirt Collection

Kids often have a hard time parting with their favorite T-shirts even after they've outgrown them. Use old T-shirts, sport jerseys or old blankets to create a collage of color over your child's bed.

Photo By: Susan Teare ©Joanne Palmisano

Homemade Slipcover

An old wood headboard is draped with an inexpensive canvas drop cloth. The drop cloth is held on by ribbons tied at each side. To give the slipcover a shabby-chic look, we placed a piece of old handcrafted crewelwork in the center of the drop cloth.

©Design by Joanne Palmissano, Photo by Susan Teare

Duct Tape Headboard

Colorful duct tape is wrapped around a big piece of cardboard to make this racy kids' headboard. This is an inexpensive and easy project to make with your kids. No power tools are required, and kids can use their creativity to the fullest.

Photo By: Susan Teare ©Design by Joanne Palmissano, Photo by Susan Teare

Reclaimed and reused objects are perfect mediums for headboards, where screens, signs and shutters — among other items — can transform into headboards simply by mounting them on the wall.

Creative Headboards

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Trash to Treasure

A headboard made from salvaged materials can add tons of charm and unique style to a bedroom. In this space, an old door found in a burn pile was paired with a vintage gate — reclaimed from a dump and brightened up with a mist of white spray paint. The end result is a whimsical, one-of-a-kind headboard with enough substance to balance the king-size bed. Design by Funky Junk Interiors

Photo By: Funky Junk Interiors

Industrial Chic

Who knew metal roofing could be so stylish? Designer Kara Paslay created a rustic yet glamorous headboard by cutting an ornate shape out of corrugated tin, bringing out its subtle sheen and wavy texture. The silhouette may be traditional, but this headboard is anything but ordinary. Best of all, this DIY project only cost about $30.

Rustic Romance

In this airy bedroom, a headboard made from a pair of reclaimed doors adds visual weight and a hint of ruggedness to an otherwise dreamy space. The weathered doors retain just enough white paint to complement the room's crisp bedding and sparkling chandelier. Design by Dreamy Whites

A Good Sign

After a thorough scrub and a bit of paint to touch up the faded lettering, this reclaimed convenience store sign looks as good as new and makes an eye-catching backdrop for a daybed. Not only does the vintage sign provide a theme and color palette for the room, but its historic significance also makes it an exciting conversation piece. Design by Funky Junk Interiors

Photo By: Funky Junk Interiors

Exotic Flair

A hand-carved Indian Rosewood screen purchased at a flea market adds texture and an ethnic touch to this bedroom. The perfect width for a king-size bed, the four-panel screen was installed directly against the wall above the baseboard to save space. Photo courtesy of Adeeni Design Group

Organic Element

Sometimes, an unexpected headboard can be just what a bedroom needs. In this modern loft bedroom, a slab of roughhewn wood adds a natural touch and warms up the industrial-looking space. Design by Daniel Bodenmiller

Soaring to the Ceiling

To make the bed the focal point in a small studio apartment, HGTV fan 4oclock created a striking headboard by securing 1-1/2-inch MDF pieces to two strips of iron. A headboard that extends all the way to the ceiling creates visual interest and defines the space.

Coastal Chic

Shutter headboards are a perfect fit for a beach house or cottage-style bedroom. To give new, unfinished shutters a weathered look, paint them with a "dry brushing" technique, then sand the outside edges and the front edge of the louvers.

Pallet Perfection

Echoing the navy-and-white stripes painted in the closet, a headboard made from wooden shipping pallets is a standout feature in this nautical-themed boy's bedroom. To create a coordinated look, designer Lakeitha Duncan paired the pallets with two wooden nightstands in a natural finish.

Country Goes Contemporary

Who would guess that this modish headboard was once a barn door window? The window was first fashioned into a mirror, which designer Jessica McKay of Birdhouse Interiors frosted to reduce distracting reflections. With a modular look and monochromatic color scheme, this formerly rustic window now makes a distinctive, modern headboard.

Bright Blue Mante

This bright headboard, featured on Cousins on Call, is an old wooden mantel that was found in the home during construction. After some sanding and a fresh coat of paint, the mantel acts as a statement piece in the bedroom.

Photo By: Chris Amaral

Green Ladder Headboard

If you have an old wood ladder sitting in your garage, repurpose it as a funky headboard simply with a coat of paint. The vibrant green ladder creates a beautiful contrast against the cherry red walls in this masculine bedroom. Design by Brian Patrick Flynn

Practical and chic, there are a number of ideas for headboards that bring a sophisticated feel to a room with materials like fabric, bookshelves and framed artwork.

Unique Headboard Ideas

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Functional Backdrop

Make the bed a focal point by creating a wall-length headboard that features favorite decorative accessories. Punches of bold pinks and greens are toned down with black furnishings, creating a sophisticated, yet fun, bedroom retreat.

Simple and Neutral

Create dramatic vertical impact by taking the headboard to the ceiling. Designer Ann Grasso uses the two-toned headboard to help distinguish the sleeping area from the sitting area.

Screen Masterpiece

Headboards can still make an impact in a monochromatic color scheme. Find one with a mixture of textures and finishes to add interest. Here, designer Baylor Anne Bone used an elegant wooden screen with a metallic sheen.

Refresh the Classics

Try a twist on the traditional upholstered headboard. Instead of the tufted approach, designer Ann Wisniewski creates a grid of squares covered in tan fabric for the head of this bed.

Storage Smarts

A wall of shelving not only acts as a sleek headboard, but it also maximizes the storage in this bedroom. Design by Elizabeth Brownrigg.

A Fresh Canvas

Add a splash of color to a muted or white bedroom with a favorite painting hung over the bed. Be sure to hang it high enough so the pillows won't rest against the canvas. Design by Andreas Charalambous.

Graduated, Padded Headboard

For a unique headboard, find a favorite fabric in three shades. Attach batting to three different-sized pieces of plywood then wrap each piece in one of the fabrics. Design by Kim Myles.

Canopy Chic

Extend the headboard with a fabric canopy for a truly dramatic impact. Designer Kim Myles used a neutral striped fabric with an accent panel of metallic red to contrast with the blue walls.

Artfully Designed

An inexpensive option for a headboard is to define the space with framed pieces of artwork. Designer Kenneth Brown used two small pieces of art above the bed and flanked the bed with two display cabinets.

Bold style statements can be made through rustic painted wood (our most popular headboard how-to), nails and canvas board or bright paint with decals. You can even make a slipcover for an existing headboard, and of course all these headboard projects are easy on your budget.

Simple DIY Headboards

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Easy & Stylish DIY Headboard Ideas

Looking to add major style to your bedroom but tired of run-of-the-mill furniture pieces? Refresh your space with a creative DIY headboard instead. Room dividers, wallpaper, old doors, washi tape and even pool noodles can be crafted into a one-of-a-kind headboard that everyone will be asking about.

A stylish and unique headboard can add instant appeal to a bedroom but often comes with a hefty price tag. Whether you're renting, decorating a dorm room or simply looking to beautify your bedroom on a budget, save money (without sacrificing style) with one of our handmade and upcycled headboard DIYs.

As seen here, a trio of trendy leaf-print panels creates an eye-catching focal point and adds a hint of tropical style to this breezy bedroom. Recreate this look in your space by framing three large panels of fabric or wallpaper, then hang them symmetrically behind your pillows.

Photo By: Jeff Herr ©Rustic White Photography

Decorative Screen

Whether it's custom-made, found at an antique market or bought at a well-known home store, a decorative screen is one of the easiest ways to create a unique-yet-stylish display behind the bed.

Photo By: Tomas Espinoza

Chevron + Chic

Go cabin-chic with this rustic custom headboard project from Lowe’s. The DIY design assembles thin 1-by-3-inch strips of pine wood in a chevron pattern to create a woodsy focal point for your sleep space.

GET THE HOW-TO: DIY Chevron Wood Headboard

Photo By: Lowe’s

Removable Wallpaper

Wallpaper is pretty and trendy, and thanks to removable versions, your dorm room or apartment walls can get in on the fun, too. This lovely bird-themed pattern is breathtaking on its own, but it’s the application that really takes this accent wall over the top. Watch the video below to learn how to recreate the whimsical look.

Photo By: Tomas Espinoza Photography

Reinvented Room Divider

This rustic wooden headboard was once a room divider. Now, its weathered wood complements the striking black wall behind and adds texture to this cozy bedroom.

Photo By: Patrick Cline

Peel & Stick Planks

White, distressed peel-and-stick wood planks offer the look of real shiplap without the hassle of using a saw or screwing boards to the wall. You just cut the planks to size using a utility knife, then peel and stick — that's it! These planks look great on an accent wall or used as an oversize headboard, as seen here.


Go Graphic

The graphic lines and playful colors of this haute headboard create a modern focal point behind the bed. Choose a color palette that works for your space, grab the supplies and craft this statement-making piece in a weekend or less.


One With Nature

Bring the peacefulness of nature into your bedroom with a faux greenery headboard. Simply wrap artificial shrub panels around an old or inexpensive headboard, and use a staple gun to secure the greenery in place. Add a furry throw blanket and colorful pillows to complete the look.

Photo By: Julie Soefer Photography

Contrasting Wood Planks

Whitewashed planks of wood beautifully contrast against a handsome black wall in this rustic-industrial guest bedroom. Visual interest is created by placing the planks at different heights.

Photo By: Robert Peterson, Rustic White Photography

Renter-Friendly Rainbow

Rainbows are trending everywhere in decor, and HGTV Handmade’s Jill Tennant has a clever hack for creating a padded twin headboard that looks ultra-chic and expensive. The secret: pipe insulation. This whimsical headboard is budget-friendly, renter-friendly and so incredibly cute.

Photo By: Cassidy Garcia

Wow With Wallpaper

Vibrant colors and fun patterns bring a stylish contrast to this small guest room. Funky gray and white wallpaper is trimmed in light blue wood frames to create mock headboards for each of the twin beds, while a coral starburst mirror provides a pop of color in between.

From: Rachel Oliver

Photo By: Rachel Oliver

Get Creative With Cane

Sleep in style with the addition of this lightweight cane and wood headboard in your space. Whip it up in an afternoon, and easily mount it to the wall with screws or a couple of metal brackets for a fresh and trendy design.

Photo By: Reprinted from A Well-Crafted Home. Copyright © 2017 by Janet Crowther. Photography by Julia Wade. Published by Clarkson Potter/Publishers, an imprint of Penguin Random House, LLC.


Not just for crafting, brightly colored washi tape draws the eye directly to the wall in this space. With so many design options and possibilities, this DIY "headboard" is a great project for those who like to change up their decor and color palette regularly.

Photo By: Jalynn Baker

Make a Splash

Pool noodles in the bedroom? It may sound odd, but trust us — if you can handle a staple gun, you can make this dreamy DIY headboard.


This soft and cozy teen bedroom features sophisticated decor and gold accent details. A lavender forest accent wall combines with a classic mosquito net canopy to create a whimsical backdrop behind the bed.

Photo By: Full Spectrum Photography

Vintage Americana

Show your school, country or state spirit by displaying its flag in your space. Here, a vintage American flag is hung above the mattress as a headboard alternative and way of bringing fresh color into the bright-white room.

Photo By: Flynnside Out

DIY Shabby Chic

Add a touch of upcycled elegance to your bedroom with a striking headboard made from two vintage doors propped up against the wall. Pair with soft colors and feminine accents for a truly shabby chic look.

Statement Wall

Color lovers unite in this bedroom that displays an array of vibrant, happy hues. An apple-green paneled wall creates a modern headboard while preppy blue and creamy white bedding add coolness to the room.

Photo By: Christopher Shane

Light It Up

Make a fun, illuminated space-themed headboard for a child's room using holiday lights and plywood. Have the kiddos help by creating shapes, wrapping lights and adding stars to the display.

Lovely Live-Edge Wood

A long, live-edge slab of wood serves as a headboard in this modern, eclectic guest bedroom. The piece offers a sense of warmth while earning major style points as well.

Custom-Built Headboard

This dreamy custom headboard was crafted from the same cedarwood used for the ceiling beams in this beautiful master bedroom. Contemporary metal wall lamps in a brass finish were mounted on each side for sophisticated illumination.

Photo By: Photos: Christopher Shane/Styling: Elizabeth Demos

Trendy Tapestry

Show off your free spirit by hanging an oversized, boho tapestry above your bed with nails or removable stick-on strips.

Bright Lights

In lieu of a traditional headboard, vintage baskets filled with lights provide a striking design feature in this feminine bedroom.

Photo By: Tomas Espinoza

Dollar Store Chic

This playful headboard quickly comes together with just a few spare minutes and a couple of low-cost supplies. To create the look, simply install a curtain rod above the bed. Then, hang your choice of chair pillows for a cozy, clean look.

Photo By: Jalynn Baker

Rustic Wood

Love a rustic look? Recreate this gorgeous barn wood-style headboard using peel-and-stick planks or attach real barn wood to backer board using wood screws. There are plenty of tutorials online ranging from easy to expert to fit any skillset. Happy building!

Photo By: Carley Montgomery

Picture This

Take your headboard from predictable to palatial by upcycling a large picture frame and filling it with your favorite fabric.

Photo By: David A. Land

Wall of Memories

Ribbons crisscrossed and attached to the periwinkle-colored walls in this teen bedroom allow the occupant to display postcards, photographs and other mementos all over the room without damaging the walls. And the best part? The art can be changed out at any time. This easy project makes a gorgeous headboard wall that can grow with kiddos through the years.

Photo By: Bronwyn Poole

Barnwood Hack

Real barnwood can be hard to come by and expensive when you do. But creating faux barnwood is easier than you might think. Whether you love a rustic chic look, or you prefer a more polished aesthetic, this faux barnwood headboard can fit seamlessly with any style.

Photo By: Kamron and Ellie Sanders

For the Bookworm

A bed with a bookcase headboard fits perfectly in the niche under the angled ceiling in this girl's contemporary bedroom. But this look isn't just for kids! Fill a larger bookcase with treasured tomes and trinkets and place it behind the bed to save space in a dorm or small bedroom.

Photo By: Regan Baker Design Inc.

Vintage Beauty

Infuse your bedroom with vintage charm by repurposing thrift finds into uniquely stunning decor pieces. Here, an antique mantel was given new life and now serves as an eye-catching headboard in this bohemian bedroom.

Photo By: Joey Puterbaugh

Wall of Wood

The reclaimed wood accent wall in this master bedroom creates a warm, rustic focal point and eliminates the need for a traditional headboard. Recreate this look at home with peel-and-stick planks, lumber stained and cut to size, or reclaimed barn wood.

Photo By: Edney Images

Dreamy Playhouse

Your little ones won't mind drifting off to sleep in this adorable bed! This DIY furniture piece features a house-shaped headboard and footboard, plus three drawers for storage.

Photo By: Jen Woodhouse

An "Oar-ignal" Design

New and vintage paddles are stood up to create this swimmingly fantastic headboard idea for a coastal-inspired bedroom.

Photo By: Frank Murray

Geometric Gem

Looking to infuse custom color into your bedroom aesthetic? Piece together painted walnut slats in a geometric pattern like designer Susan Jamieson of Bridget Beri Designs did here.

Photo By: David Christensen

Two Is Better Than One

The twin beds in this room become a design statement with headboards that form a complementary pattern. Made from interconnecting links that hang from pegs at the top of disconnected headboards, the result is a DIY feel that’s modern and rustic at the same time.

Photo By: Genevieve Garruppo

Cottage-Style Shutters

For all you thrift store flip enthusiasts, this project is for you. Easily create this inexpensive-yet-impressive headboard using unfinished shutters, paint and sandpaper.

Eye-Catching Artwork

Another financially savvy solution for a headboard: wall art. Frame your favorite artwork and hang it directly above the bed for a personalized, visually-appealing solution.

Photo By: Claire Esparros for Homepolish

On Display

Put treasured textiles on full display by hanging them above the bed. Here, an indigo African textile becomes a makeshift headboard in this cool, earthy bedroom.

Photo By: Amy Bartlam

T-Shirt Collection

Kids often have a hard time parting with their favorite T-shirts even after they've outgrown them. Use old T-shirts, sports jerseys or worn blankets to create a collage of color over your child's bed.

Photo By: Susan Teare ©Joanne Palmisano

Handsome Headboard

Dial-up the drama in your bedroom with an exaggerated, floor-to-ceiling headboard. Here, German oak wood makes for a handsome statement piece that's sure to impress.

Photo By: Chas Everitt International Property Group, a member of Luxury Portfolio International

Save Space & Show Off

Short on space? This one-of-a-kind DIY project pulls double duty behind the bed as a bulletin board and colorful headboard all in one.

Drop Cloth-Turned-Headboard

Get a high-end look for less by crafting a chic headboard out of a drop cloth. Using foam, batting, plywood and upholstery tacks, this project quickly comes together for a magazine-worthy look.

Bold & Rustic

A wooden headboard adds style, luxury and comfort to any bedroom, but it can come with a hefty price. Designer Ana White shared a simple way to build a customizable headboard that any beginner woodworker can accomplish.

Design on a Dime

Wooden dowels, 2x4s and jute rope combine to create this woven headboard that's ideal for DIY enthusiasts. Pair with soft-hued linens to allow the natural texture of the rope to steal the show.

Antique Map Mural

A mural of an 18th Century map of the coast of Maine sourced through the Library of Congress acts as the focal point for this bedroom design. The space is actually quite small in footprint, but has so much volume from the high ceilings. Addressing the headboard wall in a unique and dramatic way seemed to be the only way to fully design the room.

Photo By: Justin Levesque

Headboard Trick

No space for a headboard? Upholster the wall instead. In this small space, the wall behind the bed was upholstered with batting and tartan fabric to create the look of a massive headboard without taking up any valuable square footage.

Photo By: Rustic White Photography

Upcycled Leather Belts

Instantly take your bedroom from cold to cozy with a headboard made from old leather belts. Using belts with a variety of textures and hues creates a high-end look while adding interest and dimension.

Photo By: Sam Zachrich

A-Door-Able Headboard

Crafting your own headboard is easier than you may think. With the help of a rustic door, some chalk paint and a few other materials, you can give your bedroom a mega-makeover in just an afternoon.

Photo By: RTR Media

Open Shelving

A shelf structure frames the twin bed in this fun and colorful bedroom display. The open shelving showcases colorful collections that add individual style to the room without cluttering the space.

From: sKout

Photo By: Skout

Double the Style

The best part of building a headboard from scratch is customizing the shape and size to suit your aesthetic and space. To add an extra touch of style, and some extra cushion, easily craft a double-frame headboard out of plywood, foam and fabric. Grab the step-by-step instructions below.

©Cole Collective

Low-Cost Luan

Designer Kara Paslay made this headboard from a thin piece of stained luan for this small bedroom. She adorned the luan with spray-painted painter's tape in a geometric motif. The look is great for dorm rooms or guest bedrooms.

Set Sail

Create an industrial-style headboard with a nautical touch by using PVC pipes and a remnant of an old sail. The pipes were painted silver then fitted together like plumbing, and the old sail was hoisted in between the pipes.

Photo By: Susan Teare ©Susan Teare

Special Significance

Designer Naomi Stein’s penchant for global accouterments shines in her guest bedroom where a headboard wrapped in a handira (a Moroccan wedding blanket) adds color, pattern and texture to the space. The piece was found on a trip to Morocco that ended with Stein being wrapped in the blanket at the end of a long evening. It now takes on a special significance as a decorative piece in her home.

Photo By: Seth Caplan

Corrugated Metal

Who knew metal roofing could be so stylish? Designer Kara Paslay created a rustic yet glamorous headboard by cutting an ornate shape out of corrugated tin, bringing out its subtle sheen and wavy texture. The silhouette may be traditional, but this headboard is anything but ordinary. Best of all, this DIY project only cost about $30!

Reclaimed Mantel

As seen on Cousins on Call, John Colaneri and Anthony Carrino used an old mantel they found during the Rao home's construction for a headboard. They salvaged the piece, cleaned it up and painted it blue. Now, the piece is a dramatic statement piece that has become the focal point of the room.

Photo By: Chris Amaral

The Power of Paint

Freshened up with a coat of flat white paint that shows just the right amount of wear-and-tear, this salvaged headboard now looks like a well-loved family heirloom. Learn how to paint and distress your own wood headboard, below.

Photo By: Brittney Gazaway

Sweet Dreams

Picture frames and salvaged lumber were turned into a personalized headboard for a little girl's bedroom. Get crafty by creating your own personalized message or spell out your child's name.

Photo By: Susan Teare ©Joanne Palmisano

Pleather Headrest

Love the look of leather furniture but don't have the budget? This beautiful leather-like headboard is easy on the wallet but looks like it cost a fortune.

Photo By: Susan Teare

Storage Solution

Maximize storage in the bedroom by building handy cubbies and built-in nightstands into your headboard.

From: Chip Wade

Photo By: Wade Works Creative

Low-Sew Slipcover

Refresh an outdated or battered headboard by simply covering it. Designer Holly Mathis made an easy slipcover for her headboard with minimal sewing. The best part? It's easy to replace as you change your bedroom's design style.

Not Just for the Floor

Using a rug as a unique headboard alternative is the definition of thinking outside the box. Here, a Southwestern-style rug hangs beautifully above layers of patterned pillows for a cozy, eclectic feel.

Photo By: Nick Sheerly,NAS Films

Repurposed Shipping Pallet

This upcycled headboard is easy to build and made almost entirely of salvaged materials. With some careful planning, you can build one in just a few hours for about $20.

No-Sew Fabric Headboard

Update your bedroom with an upholstered headboard that requires zero sewing skills. This no-sew craft takes less than a day and will give your room a brand new look.

Save the Picket Fence

This rustic-chic headboard was made from an old picket fence. The pickets were cut up into small pieces, cleaned and refinished in a few different stains. The pieces were then fitted into a frame made from more weathered lumber.

Photo By: Susan Teare ©Joanne Palmisano

Tall & Dramatic

Make your headboard a statement piece in the bedroom by extending it to the ceiling. Here, designer Janell Beals extended the upholstered headboard to add height to the room using glue, staples, plywood and a few basic sewing skills.

I hope highlighting these photo galleries makes finding your DIY headboard inspiration easier!

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Just because it's in your bedroom, doesn't mean your headboard has to be a snooze. Get the designer look at the head of the bed with these four headboard designs.

How to Make a Geometric Wood Headboard

If you’re looking for a stylish way to add personality and color to your bedroom, then this DIY modern art headboard is the perfect project for you.