Mow for Performance 01:01

Here's the DIY Download on how to Mow for Performance.

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Step 1

Tools & Materials

Lithium-ion battery
Fine tooth file or sharpening stone

Step 2

Tips for a Green Lawn

1. Sharpen blade regularly with fine tooth file or sharpening stone.

2. For easy maintenance, get a battery-powered mower.

3. Cut 1/3 of height of grass at each mowing; this keeps grass healthy and discourages weeds.

4. If grass is thick, push mower slowly so blade can cut more thoroughly and mower can discharge clipping more effectively.

5. Never store mower under plastic; this can cause rust and corrosion.

Pro Tip

Keep your lawn green with well-maintained equipment.

To keep blade balanced, make same number of stokes on each side, maintaining original cutting edge; unbalanced blade won’t spin properly.

Clean cut of sharp blade can keep grass healthier.

Some lithium-ion batteries now product as much power as gas mowers, 56 volts; they can charge in half an hour; one charge can last up to 45 minutes, enough to mow 1/3 acre.

If the same type battery is in other lawn equipment, recharge the second while mowing with the first.