How to use Masonry Chisels

Masonry chisels are much heavier and wider than wood chisels. They are used in conjunction with a two-pound hammer to remove sections of masonry or other hard materials, such as wall tiles.
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Brick Chisel

This chisel has a short, broad and flat blade. The handle often has a guard on top that will protect the user's hand when hammering on the chisel. You can use a brick chisel to remove masonry. The wide blade is good for cutting bricks or blocks without shattering them.

Cold Chisel

This is a narrower version of a brick chisel. The narrow blade shape is ideal for removing mortar from brick or block joints in a masonry wall.

Rubber Mallet

Use a rubber mallet to knock blocks, slabs or other heavy masonry materials into place. The round, flat-striking face on the rubber head will cause little or no damage to the surface even when a heavy impact is required.

Brick Hammer

A brick hammer is specially designed for "dressing" bricks and masonry. Use the chisel-shaped peen opposite the square driving face to chip away sections of masonry.

Step 1: Cutting a Brick

Use a light tap of a two-pound hammer on a brick chisel to mark a cutting line across each side of the brick.

Step 2: Cutting a Brick

Lay the brick flat, place the chisel on the guide line then strike it with the hammer. This should split the brick along the guide line.

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