Step 1

Prep the Machine

Turn the fuel switch on and give it a little bit of choke.

Turn on the key switch and lower the throttle a bit.

Put the transmission in neutral.

Make sure the hydraulic pump is off.

When trenching, lock the wheels in place. Disengage the wheels to move the unit. Once the unit is running, give it some gas, activate the hydraulic pump and pop the transmission into forward.

Step 2

throw lever to start chain and auger spinning

throw lever to start chain and auger spinning

Begin Digging

Once you're in position where you want to dig, engage wheels so they work together. Put the throttle up, throw lever to start the chain and auger spinning, and lower the bar into the earth.

The trencher will start digging.

Lower it to the depth you want, usually all the way down. Note: This could take a few minutes, according to how far down you want to dig.

The auger will push dirt off to the side.

Keep the gas on full throttle and control the speed by using the transmission control.

Step 3

trench in reverse

trench in reverse

Move Backward

Once bar is all the way down, put machine into reverse to start moving backward. Yes, it will trench in reverse.

Caution: Don't stand in front of the machine when it's operating because it will throw dirt and rocks in a forward direction.

Call your local utility before you dig to locate underground wires or pipes.