Step 1

mark boards for cuts

mark boards for cuts

Draw a Line

Draw a line on the boards marking out where you want the cut.

On the table saw, find the distance from the outside edge of the table to the edge of the blade.

Step 2

Mark the Boards

Make a mark on the joined boards corresponding to that measurement.

Use a framing square (Image 1) to extend the mark all the way across both boards (Image 2).

Step 3

Clamp a Strip to the Boards

Place a strip of wood across the boards. It should be placed on the side of the line opposite of where you want to make the cut.

Clamp the strip to the boards.

Step 4

cut the boards evenly

cut the boards evenly

Cut the Boards

Turn the entire unit upside down and place it on the table saw. The strip of wood will ride along the edge of the table and keep the boards in line. Make sure the clamps are clear so they don’t interfere with the cut. Cut the boards evenly.