Step 1

Lower the Stabilizer Legs

Roll the unit in, positioning the arms under the center of the beam. Lower the two stabilizer legs, which lock in the down position.

Step 2

Lock the Wheels

Roll the unit all the way in so the beam rests against the lift, and lock the wheels.

Step 3

Crank Up the Lift

Start cranking up the lift, and raise it until the two arms pick up the beam and reach the height of the project. It locks automatically when you stop cranking.

Step 4

Lower the Load if Necessary

If you have to move the beam to the side, lower the load all the way, and don't try to move the load when it's way up high.

Step 5

roll lift out of the way

roll lift out of the way

Roll it Out of the Way

When you're done, just tilt it back and roll it out of the way.

Caution: Never stand under the load, and go slowly when operating.