Step 1

Assemble the Bottom Tray

Strike a guide line on each side 6 inches up from the bottom (or above any detailing) using a square. Above the line, fasten each side to the bottom tray. It helps to get the screws started before beginning actual assembly.

Step 2

Mark Where the Radius Detail Will Go

Before cutting the sides for the tote, measure the 1x12 to twice the length of each side. Then cut it at the long measurement. Mark the halfway point on this long piece, both lengthwise and across its width. Use a compass to mark a circle around that halfway point. The size isn't critical, but it should be proportional to the width of the board. Draw a line across the board directly through the center of the circle. Make sure the line is square to the edges of the board.

Step 3

Cut the Radius Detail

Use a drill to make a starter hole, then cut out the circle with a jigsaw. Cut the board in half through the middle of the circle. You now have two legs with a radius detail at the bottoms.

Step 4



Fasten the Struts

Two struts will fit flush to the top and outside edges of each side; fasten two more directly below them. Fasten the bottom struts on both sides. Two will sit on the bottom tray; two more "stack" on top of them.

Step 5



Install the Top

Make sure the top overhangs each side equally. Add a finish of boiled linseed oil to preserve the wood. If more stability is needed, add feet to the bottom using a 1-by.