Step 1

Loosen the Stop Screw to Adjust the Jointer's Fence

To adjust the jointer's fence, loosen the stop screw (Image 1). Use an Allen wrench to loosen the screws on top of the wheels behind the fence. Loosening those screws will rotate the fence. Continue rotating until the fence is perpendicular to the blade. Use a framing square to ensure that the fence is at a perfect 90 degrees (Image 2). Adjust the infeed table to set the depth of the cut. Loosen the lever underneath the table to set it to the desired depth (Image 3).

Step 2

turn knob to adjust outfeed table

turn knob to adjust outfeed table

Turn the Knob to Adjust the Outfeed Table

To adjust the jointer's outfeed table, turn the knob underneath the table to adjust it up or down. Use a straightedge to make sure the outfeed table is even with the top of the blades. To adjust the blades, loosen the four screws above the blades. Move the blades to their correct positions, and tighten the screws.