Step 1

mounting the stop

mounting the stop

Mount the Stop

This handy accessory can be mounted to the left or right side of the blade. It starts with a wood box that becomes an outfeed table. It's built to the height of the miter saw table.

Attached to the box is a board that turns into a fence.

An aluminum extrusion is mounted to the fence and a stop system is mounted to the extrusion.

A tape scale slides into the aluminum extrusion. You can get tape that faces the right side of the blade or the left, depending on which way the jig will be mounted.

Pro Tip

Clamp the saw and the outfeed table to a single board so the two pieces stay together.

Step 2

Align a Board Against the Blade

Aligning the scale tape properly is the key to getting the measurements right using this miter saw stop.

Use a 24" board to get the first measurement. Align the board against the tooth of the blade. The body of the blade is actually thinner than the teeth, so make sure to start the measurement from the teeth of the blade, where the actual cut occurs.

Step 3

Make Marks

With a pencil, mark 24" from the location on the track.

The stop has a cursor (Image 1) 1/4" from the body of the stop. Offset the tape 1/4" to compensate. If the red indicator line on the cursor were placed directly on the mark, you would not be able to see the exact mark line through the metal stop.

Other features:

  • You can adjust the friction on a stop so that it will serve as a hold-down (Image 2).
  • Use the tool as a radial arm saw.