Finishing Machine Tips

A finishing machine – a combination belt and disc sander – makes sanding and finishing projects a lot less time-consuming.

The finishing machine has a tilting table next to the disc sander. This table can be adjusted to carve or sand bevels or other crevices. Self-adhesive sandpaper fits on the disc and is easy to remove and replace.

finishing machine makes sanding easier

finishing machine makes sanding easier

The finishing machine has a powerful motor and two means of sanding: a belt sander and a disc sander.

A torsion bar tightens the belt sander on the finishing machine, and it's important to keep the belt tight when the machine is in use. When replacing the belt's sandpaper, make sure to install the new sandpaper with its arrows facing in the direction the belt moves.

The belt sander has a tilting table for carving or sanding bevels. It also can be adjusted to a horizontal position for sanding larger pieces.

Always wear safety glasses when sanding with a finishing machine. Before sanding, determine the direction the belt or disc will move. The work piece should be placed on the table at the side where the belt or disc will hit it in a downward motion. Never sand from the bottom up.

To sand, turn the machine on and gently move the work piece toward the disc or belt.

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