Watch an Overview Video

Step 1

Tools & Materials

Point-to-point laser level
Estimating app
Neon circuit tester
Robot floor vacuum
Robot gutter cleaner
Safety glasses

Step 2

The Right Tools

Instead of measuring and marking, use point-to-point laser to lay tile.

For quick and accurate figuring of square footage, materials, and costs, use estimating app on your smart phone.

Pro Tip

Doing it yourself can be easy if you have the right tools.

Shoot out perpendicular grid of light, then place tiles along lines.

Break down your project into stages and cost out each one; that way, you won't feel over whelmed.

Step 3

Testing for Current

Use neon tester to check electrical outlets for live current.

Pro Tip

If there's light, there's voltage; no light, no voltage.

Step 4

A Robot for Cleaning

Use gutter robot to clean gutters.

Position ladder at one end of gutter.

Use remote control to guide robot down gutter.

Use robot floor vacuum for routine pick up of pet hair and dust.

Pro Tip

Wear safety glasses.

Clip robot to belt to free both hands for climbing ladder.

Change spin direction of auger to move robot backwards and forwards.

HEPA filter will trap fine particles.