Concrete Tools

Working successfully with concrete takes a lot of practice. But with the proper tools, you'll be off to a good start.
save money and mix concrete in old wheelbarrow

save money and mix concrete in old wheelbarrow

Figure A

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Mixing Concrete

Mix concrete cheaply using an old wheelbarrow and a garden hoe.

A Special Concrete Mixing Tub

special tubs mix concrete with plastic blades

special tubs mix concrete with plastic blades

Figure B

You could buy a special mixing tub that does the work for you. Simply pour the concrete mixture and water into the tub, and turn the top, which turns plastic blades inside the tub and mixes the concrete.

A Screed

A screed is a standard 2"x4" block of wood that's used to remove excess concrete and bring the surface to the correct grade.

Using a Screed

using a screed will help spread and level concrete

using a screed will help spread and level concrete

Figure D

Cut the screed 2' longer than the width of the surface. Use it to spread the concrete, moving the screed back and forth across the surface.

Hand and Bull Floats

smooth out concrete with hand and bull floats

smooth out concrete with hand and bull floats

Figure E

Hand floats and bull floats are used before final finishing to smooth the concrete's surface. Floats can be purchased or made by attaching a broom handle to a length of 1" by 8" wood.

A Steel Finishing Trowel

A steel finishing trowel is used to smooth concrete for a final finish.

A Concrete Edger

A concrete edger is used to round off the edges of concrete slabs.

A Groover

cut joints at regular intervals with a groover

cut joints at regular intervals with a groover

Figure H

Groovers are used to cut grooves or joints at regular intervals in concrete slabs.

A Hard-Bristled Broom

A hard-bristled broom can be used to add a rough, skid-resistant surface to concrete.

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