Tile Showers 101 01:02

Here are the DIY Basics on tile showers 101.

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Step 1

Tools & Materials

Wood or concrete subfloor
PVC pipe cutters
Power drill
Wood screws
Pre-sloped float sticks for sub-base
Pan liner
Dry pack concrete
Bucket or small wheelbarrow
Pre-sloped float sticks for base
Interlocking, continuous stringer

Step 2

Getting Started

Choose location with wood or concrete subfloor.

To drain water into weep holes, install sub-base with pre-sloped float sticks under pan liner.

Use pre-sloped float sticks above liner for ¼ inch fall per foot of base around drain.

Pro Tip

Installing a tile shower can be easier than you think and there are lots of luxurious options for design, tile, and hardware.

Most common shower size is 3x5; minimum is 3x3.

Weep holes are small holes connected to the drain. They allow water which has seeped though tile or grout to flow away into the drain.

Step 3


Consider tile options: pebbled tile, tiles with lights, metal tiles.

Use interlocking, continuous stringer to level first row of tiles.

Pro Tip

So underlayment will resist moisture, set tiles in thin set mortar.

Step 4

Shower Heads

Consider shower-head options: minimalist or industrial design, rain or waterfall water patterns.

Pro Tip

If you have space, install several shower-heads.

Step 5

Finishing Up

Use back of plastic spoon to smooth caulk.

Offset plumbing towards door so hands won’t get wet when turning on faucet.

Pro Tip

Seal caulk with waterproof sealer to minimize cleaning.