New Bath Technologies 01:02

Here are the DIY Basics for New Bath Technologies.

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Step 1

Gather Your Materials and Tools

motion-activated lighting
countdown exhaust fan timer
heated flooring
two-in-one showerhead and hand-held
touch-activated lavatory faucet

Step 2

Install a Touch-Activated Faucet

Modern technology is changing your bath experience.

Start with a touch lavatory faucet. A touch faucet is easy to turn on with a wrist or forearm; because hands are free, it cuts down on messes.

Pro Tip

Because it operates on batteries, there's no hardwiring.

Step 3

Choose and Install a New Showerhead

A two-in-one showerhead gives three choices: wall shower, hand-held, and combination wall shower and hand-held.

Step 4

Consider In-Floor Heating

For pure luxury, install in-floor heating

You can put heating pipes under ceramic tile, stone, wood or even carpet.

Step 5

Install a Fan

Install a countdown exhaust fan.

Set the dial for time you want the fan to run; it turns off automatically.

Step 6

Upgrade the Lighting

Install motion-activated lighting.

There'll be no more groping for the switch in the dark, no more fingerprints on the wall, no more wasted energy when someone forgets to turn off lights; motion-activated lights turn on when you step into the room and turn off when you leave.