Step 1

Anchor the Unit to the Wall

To install an automatic shutoff valve, find a position on the wall near the washer, electrical outlet and the roughed in water lines. Next, mark the mounting holes on the wall (Image 1). If the valve is being attached to a wooden board, use wood screws, but if it is being attached to a wallboard or a concrete wall use mounting shields and screws. Use a masonry bit and a hammer to drill a 3/8" hole in the shields. Then, use the provided screws to anchor the shutoff unit to the wall (Image 2).

Step 2

Connect the Water Lines

Next, connect the roughed-in-water lines to the unit. The connections will vary depending on if the piping is PVC or copper. In either case, the provided adaptor and o-rings will need to be attached to the final piece. To prevent a leak, make sure to grease the o-rings before screwing them and the adaptor into the intake valve on the control box. Install a drip pan under the washing machine. Consider using stainless steel hoses instead of rubber ones.