Step 1

paint table using Rosemary Green paint

paint table using Rosemary Green paint

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Photo by: VideoFocus


Sand the Table and Paint

Slightly sand the coffee table with sandpaper to remove the shiny clear coat, creating a porous surface for a new coat of Rosemary Green paint. Remove the leftover dust with a sticky rag.

Paint the table using the Rosemary Green paint.

Paint Color: Benjamin Moore Rosemary Green 2029-30

Step 2

Draw Panel Lines on the Table

When the paint is dry, use a level as a guide to draw panel lines on the top of the painted table. Using an angled brush dipped in a dark brown (Mink) paint, paint irregular panel lines painted over the drawn pattern.

Paint Color: Benjamin Moore (Mink 2112-10)

Step 3

Apply Furniture Wax and Buff

Dip steel wool in Tudor Brown furniture wax and apply it in a circular pattern to the dry paint. The steel wool will scratch and remove some of the paint, giving the table an aged look.

Use a soft, clean cloth to buff the painted surface to a smooth patina.