Home Remodel Project

Home Remodel Project

Homeowner smooths out the stencil on a red wall before painting over it in this DIY Basic remodeling project.

Step 1

Painting Over Dark Colors 01:02

Here are the DIY Basics for painting over dark colors.

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Step 2

Gather Your Materials and Tools

microfiber cloth
laundry detergent and water
paint scraper
flat-fine-toothed file
wet-dry sandpaper
mineral oil
spackling knife
220-grit sandpaper
paint and primer in one
rollers with nap covers
paint tray

Step 3

Clean the Walls

Painting over dark colors is easy if you have the right prep and products.

Dust walls with microfiber cloth. If walls are greasy, wash them solution of 3 tablespoons laundry detergent to one gallon water.

Scrape away loose paint. Sharpen paint scraper with flat, fine-toothed file, then wet-dry sandpaper and mineral oil.

Step 4

Sand and Smooth the Walls

Rough up glossy patches with 220-grit sandpaper. Use sanding block for firmer grip.

Sand smooth edges of painted stripes and stencils, otherwise they'll show through new paint.

Step 5

Apply Primer and Paint

Apply primer and paint to keep dark color from showing through.

Pro Tip

To save time and effort, use all-in-one primer and paint.