Paint Horizontal Stripe 01:02

Here's the DIY Download on how to Paint Horizontal Stripes.

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Step 1

Materials & Tools

Laser level
Painter’s tape designed for super sharp paint lines
Painter’s tape designed for baseboards
Putty knife or plastic card
Interior paint [at least two colors]
Paint tray
Paint roller
Drop cloth
Heavy hangers
Screw eyes
Picture wire

Step 2

Tips for Painting Horizontal Stripes

1. Using laser level and pencil, mark stripes, leaving areas of original wall color between.

2. Apply painter’s tape designed for super sharp paint lines above and below pencil marks.

3. Paint smaller stripes with brush, larger stripes with roller.

4. When paint is dry, slowly pull off tape at 45-degree angle back onto itself.

5. To double the effect, hang mirrors on opposite wall.

Pro Tip

To liven up small space, paint bold, horizontal stripes on accent wall.

Vary widths for interest; the wider the stripe, the larger the space will appear.

Burnish edges with putty knife or plastic card.

If stripe is very wide, cut in edges with brush, then roll center.

Make sure hangers are rated for weight of mirrors and anchor them in wall studs.

For stability, attach D-rings to both sides of top back, screw eyes to bottom, and crisscross picture wire.

Frames do not have to match.