Tape off the Floor and Baseboards

Cover hardwood floor with rosin paper and tape down.Tape off baseboards and ceiling. Remove all switch and outlet plates.

Step 1

Measure for the Stripe Pattern

Measure out the stripe pattern with pencils and levels. To find the center of the wall, measure the length and divide by two. Start pattern from the center point and work your way out to the corners

Step 2

Tape off the Stripes

Tape off stripes. Seal tape with varnish for smooth lines.

Step 3



Roll on Paint and Drag with Brush

Roll on AC-9 Nugget, then drag a brush through it while still wet for a more textured effect.

Note: If paint is drying too quickly for this technique, add X-I-M Latex X-tender to the paint. This clear medium keeps the paint wet longer allowing more time to manipulate the paint.

Step 4



Make the Wavy Pattern - Optional

Tape off for painting narrow stripes, seal with the varnish. Roll on HC-83 Grant Beige then drag a comb through it to reveal a hint of the original yellow wall color and add more pattern.

Note: If you’re painting two colors next to each other and want a clean line, tape the first section and paint. Then seal the tape with varnish when you tape the next section. This will clean up any fuzziness from the first line.