Step 1

Measure and Mark the Outer Edges

Measure about 6 inches from each side of the steps. Use a carpenter's square to draw square lines on the steps and risers. Adhere painter's tape to mark your lines.

Step 2

Lay Out the Stripe

Measure 1 inch out from the painter's tape, toward the center of the step. Use the square to draw another line to create a stripe.

Step 3



Continue Taping

Tape the outer edges of the 1-inch stripe. Follow it up the risers onto all of the steps until you have the entire staircase taped.

Step 4

Apply Paint to Outer Edges

Paint the outside areas of the steps and risers. If necessary, apply two coats. We did our first coat in a coral undercoat, then came back and topped it in a coat of red.

Step 5

Paint the Black Stripe

Paint the 1-inch stripe. We used black paint and applied it with a foam brush. Remove the tape and let these sections dry thoroughly.

Step 6

Paint the White Stripe and Center

When the paint is totally dry, tape off the black stripe and red section. Paint the remaining areas — the center of the step and riser, as well as the 1-inch stripe between the black and red.

Step 7

Let It Dry

Remove the tape and let these sections dry thoroughly.

Step 8

Stamp the Risers

Make a spacer bar or a jig so your stamps will be uniformly spaced on the risers. We stacked together some cut cardboard, making it about a 1/2 inch thick and the width of the stair treads. Make a strong pencil mark at the center for the stairs. Place the spacer bar on the tread to support the stamp and provide the center mark for the riser.

Use a mini foam roller to apply black paint to the stamp. Line the center of the stamp with the center mark on the spacer and press it into place, pushing evenly on all areas of the stamp.

Step 9



Finish the Risers

Repeat until all risers are stamped