Our pattern was designed to give a skylight effect.  You can use the same method to give your ceiling a custom look. 

Step 1

Prep Ceiling

Find the center of the ceiling then draw and tape a large rectangle. Fill in the rectangle using a small roller and pale blue paint.

Step 2

Paint & Tape Second Color

Leave the border tape in place so you’ll have a small white band in between the two colors. Use a mini roller to paint a yellow band roughly four inches from the blue rectangle towards the outer edge of the ceiling.

Once yellow paint is dry, measure and mark about 3-1/2” from the outside tape edge and all around the rectangle to create the outer line for the yellow section. Use a long level to draw a new line around the second color and then tape it off.

Step 3

Paint Remaining Sections

Measure about 14 inches from the outer edge of the second color out to mark the space for the third color. Paint medium blue from the outside edge of the tape to the next taped line. Leave the tape in place to create another thin white line, then paint the final, fourth color.

Pull tape off to reveal the concentric rectangles.

Step 4

Add Bird Accents

Draw several birds of varying sizes on tracing paper. Flip the paper over and tape the tracing paper to the ceiling with the drawn side against the surface. Trace the bird shapes again so an outline of the shape transfers to the ceiling.

Hand paint the birds in variations of gray or metallic paint.