Step 1

Tape Around the Cabinets

Tape counter space along the walls and floors (Image 2).

Remove all switch and outlet plates.

Step 2



Cut in and Roll on Paint

Cut and roll walls tinted primer in 221 Golden Garden in matte finish. Let dry. Recoat if necessary.

Step 3



Tape Area for the Faux Tile Backsplash

Tape underneath the cabinets and along the counter.

Cut and roll 2140-40 Storm Cloud Gray. Let dry.

Step 4



Mark off the Tile Pattern

Mark off tile pattern with pencil and tape using auto detailing tape. You can determine the size of your tiles by measuring the space and dividing it in half.

Step 5

Paint the Tile

Paint tile pattern with 513 Limestone, 272 Avant Garde and 500 Maidenhair Fern. Let dry thoroughly and recoat if necessary.