Scotch: Quilt-Style Artwork 00:59

Create a rustic piece of art for your home with Scotch Blue Painter's Tape.


Our Found Fragments pattern gives you the chance to show your creativity and personalize your space. When you use patterns and motifs that already exist in your home, you can add design elements without changing styles, allowing you to make your space feel up-to-date, but still your own.

Using bold colors against vintage or found elements creates a strong contrast that makes rooms interesting, and it’s perfect for adding to reclaimed pieces like doors and old furniture. It also works well in bathrooms, on single accent walls, or in other small spaces where lots of color and texture strike the right note.

To create Found Fragments in your space, you’ll need to follow these steps:

Step 1

Find the Right Tape

Find the right tape for your project. We used ScotchBlue™ Painter's Tape Delicate Surfaces with Advanced Edge-Lock™ Paint Line Protector.

Step 2

Choose a Pattern

Choose an existing pattern or textured look (wallpaper or prints are a great place to start), and prepare the surface for painting (Check out our Guide to Taping for prep tips.)

Step 3

Tape off your painting area to protect edges from paint and draw your design in pencil on the surface, using a straightedge.

Photo by: Eliesa Johnson

Eliesa Johnson

Tape and Trace

Tape off any surfaces that you want to keep paint-free. Then using a ruler and a pencil, mark the pattern onto your surface.  

Step 4

Tape off your pencil marks to protect all the areas you don’t want painted, fragmenting the pattern however you like to make it more or less abstract.

Photo by: Eliesa Johnson

Eliesa Johnson

Tape Along the Lines

Tape along your penciled lines, making sure to protect all areas that should not be painted, and to clearly designate the pattern elements that will be painted.

Step 5

Paint the areas you've planned for your color.

Photo by: Eliesa Johnson

Eliesa Johnson

Paint the Patterns

Paint the patterned areas carefully. 

Step 6

Slowly remove the tape to reveal the finished design. 

Photo by: Eliesa Johnson

Eliesa Johnson

The Big Reveal

Once you’re done painting, slowly remove your tape, pulling the tape back on itself at a 45° angle to reveal the finished pattern.

Step 7

Clean Up

Let the paint dry completely before putting your room back together.