Step 1

Tape off the Cabinets and Put on Coating

Begin by taping off the glass front cabinets and coating the entire wall unit in a warm caramel color. The traditional decorative finish called frottage will give the unit an older, more masculine feel.

Sand, brush and tack the entire wall unit.

Cut and roll on tinted primer 1580 Intrigue (Image 1). Let dry completely. Roll and/or brush 469 Backwoods with glaze on a section of the shelf.

Crumple sheets of newspaper and brush them with a deep forest green glaze. Press into the glaze gently, then rub the newspaper on the surface (Image 2), pushing the glaze onto the unit and pulling back to reveal an irregular mottled texture. Let dry completely.

Step 2

Varnish and Paint Hardware

Varnish with Modern Masters Dead Flat Varnish tinted with a touch of Cal-Tint II (universal tinting colorants) in burnt umber. Let dry completely.

The look is finished by painting the hardware in a gold metallic with a gentle stippling of black metal paint.

Step 3



Add Bright Red Paint to Accent Table

To brighten up the room, employ a fun, bright red contrast using the side table and stools. To achieve the look, start with a dark green base to match the wall unit and paint over it with Benjamin Moore Spanish Red 1301 in Matte finish. Use a dry brush technique. Let dry completely.