Step 1

create look of several layers of old paint

create look of several layers of old paint

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Photo by: VideoFocus


Paint the Fireplace with Three Shades of Paint

To create the look of several layers of old paint, use three shades of paint, Bridgewater Tan, Wythe Blue and Richmond Gold. After dipping a brush approximately 1" deep in the paint, paint irregular patches of each color randomly over the brick, overlapping the edges of each color. This technique of brushing a very small amount of paint over an area is known as dry-brushing,

Step 2

Apply a Darker Shade

When the paint has dried, a darker brown shade (Mink) is painted over the brick (Image 1). The paint is allowed to set up briefly before being sprayed with water and partially wiped or blotted off (a technique called pouncing) with rags, leaving a faded, aged look to the brick (Image 2).

Colors of Paint:
paint (Benjamin Moore Bridgewater Tan BM1096)
paint (Benjamin Moore Richmond Gold HC-41)
paint (Benjamin Moore Wythe Blue HC 143)
paint (Benjamin Moore Mink 2112-10)