Step 1

Creating a Mood 01:01

Here is the DIY Download on creating a mood.

Watch an Overview Video

Step 2

Gather Your Materials and Tools

Materials and Tools:
online paint selection tool
poster board
painter's tape
interior paint
paint rollers and covers
paint trays
plastic tray liners

Step 3

Choose a Base Color

Start with a base color that makes you feel good.

Use an online tool to see how it looks on a wall.

Step 4

Choose Companion Colors

Add companion colors around the base color.

Test colors on poster board before painting them on wall and woodwork. Check colors in natural and artificial light at different times of day and night.

Pro Tip

Go with your feelings; if you think two colors look good together, they probably do.

Step 5

Paint the Walls

Roll paint onto walls in three-foot columns to avoid lap marks.

Brush paint onto woodwork.

Pro Tip

Use painter's tape or an edger to keep a sharp line.

Step 6

Clean Up

For easy cleanup, use plastic paint tray liners.

Tie room together with accessories in base and companion colors.