Tiling a Foyer: Tips on Installing Medallions on Tile Flooring

Installing medallions to tile flooring is an affordable way to spruce up a foyer. DIY experts give tips on how to install the medallions on tile flooring.
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Medallions are used in many more of today's homes due to the automation of the manufacturing process thereby lowering the costs to a more affordable level.

installing medallions to tile flooring

installing medallions to tile flooring

The use of medallions is becoming more popular in homes because they are more affordable today than ever before!

The medallions of today are made of stone, travertine, granite, slate and even ceramic tiles. The process is to cut the smaller pieces according to the pattern each manufacturer has chosen. Using the material or mixture of materials required by the designer or manufacturer, they mount them with glue to a mesh back that holds the pattern in place until it can be installed.

Medallions can be any size from a small 4"x4" size with multiple pieces to the largest known in everyday production being 7'x10' size, which looks like a giant stone rug. The most common sizes are the 24"x24" and the 32" round sizes.

One real creative way to make an ordinary tile installation of base-grade tile look like a million dollars is to install a medallion. If installed in the entryway or another conspicuous place in the floor, you have a custom installation for only a few hundred dollars added to the total project.

Often medallions can be installed in existing floors by cutting out the grout joints in field area of where you want the medallion to go. Then all you have to do is chisel up the tile and install the medallion, just as if you were replacing a damaged floor tile.

Most every tile and stone store has a selection of these beautiful accent products – so have fun finding the right one for your home.

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