Keeping Ants Out of Your Home 01:01

Get the DIY Download on keeping ants and other pests out of your home.

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Step 1

Tools & Materials

caulk gun
steel wool
dollar bill
polymeric sand
garden hose
insect spray

Step 2

Tips for Protecting Your Home from Insects

1.Caulk exterior cracks and gaps.

2. Stuff steel wool in small openings around pipes and wiring.

3. Test doors and windows by shutting them on dollar bill; if it pulls out easily, seals need replacing.

4. Rake leaves away from foundation.

5. To keep ants out of stone walks and patios, dig new footing.

6. Lay base of gravel and sand.

7. Place flagstones closely together.

8. Sweep polymeric sand into joints.

9. Create perimeter of protection around home.

Pro Tip

Keep ants and other insects out of your home with these proactive steps.

Seal polymeric sand with light spray of water.