Step 1

measure to determine dimensions of fireplace

measure to determine dimensions of fireplace

Determine the Size of the Mantel

Disconnect any sconces and cap off the wires with wire nuts.

Measure to determine the desired dimensions of the mantel. It's best to build the mantel right into the stone, rather than refinishing the fireplace first.

Step 2

Create the New Mantel

Clamp a 2x4 to the existing mantel and pre-drill holes through both pieces of wood (Image 1). Drive in 2-1/2" screws to secure the 2x4 (Image 2).

Cut a 1x8 to length and add wood glue to the ends. Fasten the boards together with a finish nailer.

Step 3

Secure the Mantel and Add Crown Molding

Place the new mantel on the existing mantel (Image 1), add shims (Image 2) and secure it with a finish nailer. Trim the top shims with a jigsaw (Image 3). The bottom ones can just snap off.

Mark a level line on the box and fasten the crown molding to the top of the box with finish nails (Image 4). Add wood glue to the end pieces for extra support.

Step 4

lay out stones to determine desired layout

lay out stones to determine desired layout

Prep the Surface and Lay Out the Stones

The paint on the existing fireplace needs to be roughed up using wire brushes so that the mortar will adhere. Wipe off the dust with wet sponges.

Lay out stones to determine your desired layout. The stones in each box tend to be close to one another so it's best to mix the boxes.

Step 5

mix up bucket of mortar

mix up bucket of mortar

Mix the Mortar

Mix up a batch of mortar. Use the type recommended by the stone manufacturer. In this case, it's type S.

Place a piece of wood on the ground to act as a spacer.

Step 6

Wet the Stones and Position the Stones

Cut the stones using a wet saw with a segmented diamond blade (Image 1). Use a chipping hammer to rough up the edges.

Apply a layer of mortar to the fireplace with a trowel (Image 2). Wet the stones with a sponge, then put mortar on the back of the stones and set them in place (Image 3).